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this is a heavy death list.

entrepreneurship is a life and death game. Before we published the article "winter has come, can finally get excited" mentioned in the ChinaVenture7, according to statistics released in mid March, financing events in the two quarter of 2015 decreased, the Internet industry VC/PE financing of $3 billion 789 million, a decline of 50.36% financing; the number of cases since 222, a decline of 10.84%.

A round of

noise deafening, B round of fear, and no way round – C season began to change, the capital market began to shrink, numerous start-up companies since the beginning of the rush to become teeter on the way to fall, even the stars of the sea. To this end, we follow the Internet plus Internet plus retail, catering, tourism and other industries Internet plus classification, sorting out the heavy death.

if winter comes and goes and treasures. I hope the death list to allow more entrepreneurs on the road go more stable and more solid, through this season. Through the past, is victory.

, a Internet plus retail

Internet plus retail electricity supplier giant competitive position. When the moment of the Amazon beyond WAL-MART, Internet plus retail is endowed with subversive significance. However, the gold market, fierce competition, burn fierce, slightly too overexert, down in the sea.

death list


cause of death

1, can not continue to impress consumers

retail business through subsidies to attract users in the beginning, but this burn strategy is not sustainable. After the heat, the natural loss of low value users.

2, strong competition from local retail

when the user can meet the basic needs of the local supermarket shopping, why go to the retail electricity supplier to choose a distant shopping experience?

3, lack of standardization

retail electricity supplier in the price of goods, quality, distribution, aftermarket sectors can not be standardized, which is the natural limitations of startups.

two, Internet plus food

some people say that food is not a matter of the Internet will rise and fall of the territory. Indeed, the demand for high frequency of the industry, has grown out of the United States, such as the United States, the public comment, hungry, unicorn industry. However, the high subsidies burn war is still hanging in the Internet plus catering company head of the sword of death. The seemingly easy access to Internet plus food, essence is still cruel and bitter competition. Winter is coming, the scenery, the tragic death of the company everywhere.

death list

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