520 love Shanghai holiday gift brother you have to stay calm

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sixth Beijing stationmaster annual meeting, Dai Zhikang DZ introduced an upgraded version of the Discuz! X2 hit off, it sounds very powerful, the May 23rd A5 forum upgrade. The page is very simple, but also adds many new features, but also more humane. I have been on the upgrade of the products are relatively acceptable, I think certainly better than junior or senior, why should the development of advanced. So every time I have to upgrade, with a positive attitude to meet, although the beginning has to adapt to a few days. But there is always someone to change the reaction in particular, after the upgrade A5 forum webmaster reaction is different, there are still people that attachment to the past, fear of the future.

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in the analysis of a webmaster later, the webmaster reaction are classified into three categories of "speculation", "calm and confident" and "seize", I feel particularly good summary. Is the most suspicious, the morning of May 20th, every webmaster forums in the discussion about the update, most of the webmaster update to love Shanghai expressed doubts and complaints, there are a lot of abuse. A guess love Shanghai algorithm is not big adjustment, we are also worried that their website is right down, hard to do the optimization and cast to waste. A few people are said to onlookers, not too concerned about keyword adjustment, relatively calm. The fast have less, 520 love Shanghai update cause analysis, in order to get the chain. So in the 520 love Shanghai update, only to seize the opportunity of the most rewarding, as chief of restlessness and a lack of confidence, "calm buddy" obtained by writing many short-term tears also increased the chain.

if the 520 love Shanghai routine updates, more owners can only change for the attitude adjustment, less attention to keywords ranking, nor the so-called "520 love Shanghai big update". I have been trying to do a website, so many webmaster can not understand to love both fear and resentment towards Shanghai. In fact, Shanghai is just a love >

dream of the river a blog Bowen wrote: "brave side because change is the only constant, but how many people can be steadfast? May 20th A5 forum is really exploded, early in the morning the webmaster to discuss love Shanghai big update problem of personal web site keywords ranking there are different degrees of decline, and even some keywords from love first page of Shanghai is reduced to N page. In a survey of "post A5 talk love Shanghai 5.20 big update, you hurt?", a 166 vote, there are 117 owners said that the "lost all the keywords ranking". So many webmaster began complaining about love Shanghai, even acrimony, seem to love Shanghai big update, the site can continue to survive. With the discussion of the more powerful voice, at 520 noon later love Shanghai official had to go through micro-blog’s response to this update, the original problem is the love Shanghai system update data process, which leads to most of the site keywords without the right down, 520 at noon began to recover. It is a false alarm.

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