A5 marketing on educational website how to quickly improve the weight of love Shanghai

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first, part of the site area lack of content classification. What is the area of lack of content? Is popular in terms of an area on the site on which the lack of content. You can see the part of the education website classification many regions, such as Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Tibet, Turpan city and municipality directly under the central government, it can be said that some websites of all city Chinese areas are listed, and then only in the area of training institutions city added or not added content information, causing low quality a large number of pages. For example, Xinjiang does not have the training institutions, and the establishment of the channel page is placed in the long term does not add information, so the search engine will think is the low quality of the page. The other is not to add the content area, due to lack of long tail words. So, A5 is recommended to do more in content marketing.

then, part of the education website lack of school and curriculum content. It can be found that part of the education website has the area information and course information without school. For example, an educational website of my Beijing area, and then click on the Beijing area to see related schools and curriculum content, to know the name of the school and the curriculum content is making the long tail word and the methods to improve the weights of the best. Many webmaster and not the various training institutions to talk about cooperation, A5 marketing advice, if you want to put the local and school curriculum information on the site, it can be said to be a tiger with wings added, so that to do so, only.


on this topic today: education training website how to quickly upgrade the weight of love Shanghai? May be a lot of education industry webmaster want to know. A5 marketing team found that in the time of diagnosis to the education website, many education web site because the site has a large number of low quality content and weight of each lead to fall right, love Shanghai updated website always loop, let a lot of education industry owners worry, so webmasters are to fix this problem, let the weight of the website quickly upgrade. Believe that the webmaster should know that if a site appears a lot of long tail word love Shanghai included can quickly enhance the love of Shanghai weight, but from the part of education industry website, it is the lack of. So, today, A5 marketing to solve this problem and to the education industry webmaster exchange, see part of the education website lacks the information which led to weight instability or drop right.

two, lack of school curriculum content and

in recent years, the education industry a large number of websites appear on the Internet, many webmaster or training institutions of education industry through the website platform for propaganda and training information in each big city, from the current incomplete data can be seen, each city in each region, there are a variety of training sites, from small to medium-sized website website to large-scale web site, do the education industry almost did a website to publicize information education and training. Therefore, the education sector also rose in the website. But with a love of Shanghai education website update, a lot of weight are also adjusted, some even have no weight.

, a site area classification of the lack of

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