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first, first under the personal view, I think, are home page links too much and be loved in Shanghai punishment there is no direct relationship, that is to say, some links in many web sites are love Shanghai may not be punished, because the number of links are too big, but there are other reasons. The most obvious example to support this view is the site navigation station, believe that any website links are not derived more than site navigation station, but the fact is it? This kind of websites, as long as a good business, and will not produce obvious love of Shanghai punishment. Perhaps you will say, site navigation station has its particularity, of course, maybe you are right. But there is an example of it, that is a lot of selling links, such website links derived ranging from nearly a hundred, many hundreds, but actually? They did not love the Shanghai penalty. Otherwise, the punishment after the link, which will go to the webmaster silly to buy

accounts for more than 3 bit, on your home page outbound links will not be too much love Shanghai personal punishment, on the following points:

on site outbound links will not be too much love of Shanghai to punish this problem before, first explain three. The first is the link to a web page, home page outbound links mentioned in this article are not special, means including but not limited to all non website links pointing to their Links, whether the chain or dark chain are included. The second point to explain how much more than a home page outbound links is too much, it’s the heart does not have a definite value, some people say 30 or 40, others say 50 or 60, but this does not affect the value of this article, so don’t do specific. The third point is to explain the love of Shanghai punishment, under normal circumstances, K station, snapshot slow, included less, ranking drop love Shanghai punishment phenomenon.


then, what is the cause of the site outbound links too much to be punished? Examples also said before answering the question. Will we do not recommend and link exchange links are the General Factory of Shanghai dragon tutorial, because the link factory are the links too much, in fact? We do not recommend the factory and link exchange may the main reason for the link is not outbound links too much, but this kind of website is easy to K. In fact they are k is not because of too many outbound links, there may be unhealthy or illegal websites to be loved Shanghai punished site but export link. The chaos of the plant itself is doomed to link its own attraction link is not noble, those websites health class, and even criminal types tend to come, so these links bring disaster to the plant site. Therefore, the key issue is not how many links are derived, and the health of the export link is. In addition to a statement, that is not what types of sites are suitable for export a large number of links, links to health station weight high old station is much, there will not be much affected, but if it is new, it is not suitable.

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