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, who also can not underestimate the strength of 360, in the current search market, although the love of Shanghai occupy the absolute advantage, but this advantage with the loss of time, began to be gradually reduced, if coupled with 360 Sogou acquisition success, then the 360 will have the ability to love Shanghai and a relatively high, so in the traditional the network search engine market is, in the emerging mobile Internet search engine market, love the advantage of Shanghai is not so big, today is no more than half of the market share, and 360 from the beginning of the use of intelligent security software layout, now on-line lightning search, so that the mobile Internet on a search team the birth of.

love Shanghai diversified mobile Internet strategy may care for this and lose that

360 for the love of Shanghai is not overbearing, no parry, after a few days ago actually invested $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless event exposure, illustrates the strategic layout of Shanghai love in the mobile Internet, not only enhance the love of Shanghai in the mobile search market share, but also to break the hardware platform of mobile mobile phone the Internet entrance, which is currently 360 of the advantages, so love Shanghai’s strategy is very obvious, is as far as possible to enhance their market share in the mobile internet.

of course could not make their own lightning search and love Shanghai, or really committed infringement of intellectual property in sin, advocating at present times, enhance the brand quality of the product is the key to the 360 lightning search engine also has some innovative, at least in the use of the convenience and variety show mode let the thunder search user experience better, this is the core of 360 lightning search creation, it is the creation of love Shanghai felt the crisis.

method is adopted to be the agent of the Tencent so frequently used, although it looks not honest, but also effective in the mobile Internet, perhaps in the Chinese Internet world, only imitation can get better survival, it is the love of Shanghai lightning Search Search application version, the only difference I am afraid that’s just not the same as a brand, but it is such a seamless integration features, allowing users to smoothly from the search application to love Shanghai 360 search application, it will probably be 360 well intentioned lies.

but it is love Shanghai this diversified investment decision, investment of 91 wireless hand, on the other hand, investment in video, these big sources of funds can only be through the search engine market for blood, events will not explode or vertical search engine user fees. We love Shanghai’s diversification strategy and did not let the love Shanghai overall rise, but let love Shanghai short board effect, so this gives 360 have an opportunity, 360 announced the beginning actually attack lightning search on-line search engines love Shanghai short board. < >

In fact the 360 methods

imitation love Shanghai lightning search using

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