An analysis of why the chain over a million and remained stable but without ranking

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chain number but more than 95% are not related to the chain

chain platform itself has included no popular

and the site outside the chain most are concentrated in the forums and blogs, indeed the chain of this kind in a specific moment can also bring a certain effect, but the construction of search engines outside the chain should be diversified, for example, we do a website selling clothes, not only to the outer chain in the BBS and blog, selling clothes, you can also write some articles to contribute, enhance the diversification of the chain through the transfer form, so in the search engine looks like the site outside the chain and not rely on the sending machine "

website development tools continue to improve, the chain of a million websites are not uncommon, but the chain of over 10000 and maintain the stability of the site is not much, many sites outside the chain is the webmaster hard through manual link up to do, but make up after the discovery of a problem: the site’s ranking is not along with the growth of the chain, which caused a lot of stationmaster thought, what is the reason for the site outside the chain of over a million and stable rankings but without

There are also many outside the chain of

platform now in the Internet, the chain platform not only themselves, but the key is after the user enters these platforms do not believe the platform, how can such a platform to do outside the chain and can achieve what kind of effect? When the owners in the choice of the chain platform must meet the three standard: one is the chain platform PV value is too high, too high PV value can explain this website value, a value free website you go to the chain that is a waste of time; two love Shanghai foreign chain platform site acceptance must be high, not to say 100% of the content included, at least to reach 70% the above contents included; three is the snapshot chain platform must be new, this is just a new snapshot of the chain platform should be in a cycle of love Shanghai small update, if more than this cycle can be seen in the net The station itself is not doing well.

chain is simplified, construction diversification is the key chain


chain although there are many, but I want to ask a question: there is a relationship between the chain and the site? The chain can ensure that users enter? One of the major elements and this is not the website ranking, love Shanghai search engine discloses Scindapsus algorithm in February, which clearly mentioned correlation links I think, if you are outside of the chain and the site is not very stable but no K ranking, the chain is one of the most important reason is the lack of correlation between the support website, to understand the lack of correlation between the chain support of the chain is not regular, the chain in Shanghai is also the view of search engine not because of love, Shanghai will think that the chain is released outside the chain of tools, and for those who publish news chain although there is no correlation, but the weight is very high, this part The chain of love Shanghai is the recognition and support, and the chain for low weight and no correlation or less for good.

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