Explain about the August 21st love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index =10 problem

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first, 8.21 volume < =10 index fell in love with the sea; and love may be related to Shanghai and < interior modulation, the phenomenon of =10 only love Shanghai webmaster tools will have a website, normal or normal weight index index, and no real owners of the site index < =10, so webmaster do not have to worry about this phenomenon, index tools tomorrow love Shanghai webmaster tools may show the normal amount of site index.

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then, 8.21 < =10 index fell in love with the sea; not to the webmaster website by K station, drop right, included, the chain dropped, that’s for sure, why? There are so many problems through the site index of love Shanghai webmaster tools to check the site, this can be seen from the the sea is in love with index may be adjusted or love Shanghai love Shanghai webmaster tools may be a problem, will not cause any influence to the website.


(pictures from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform)

The announcement of

webmaster when the examination index of the amount of 21, will see the sea love index < =10, not only we see this phenomenon, other owners can see this phenomenon when using the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform also, from the other point of view many Webmaster Tools belong to the normal index. From this point we can see the love of Shanghai webmaster tools, there may be some problems in the 21 day, of course, there may be a love love Shanghai Internet Conference held in Shanghai influence. Then the amount of < index fell in love with the sea; the phenomenon of =10, here with the webmaster to explain.

8.21 Shanghai Webmaster Platform appeared to fall in love with the sea love index < =10 phenomenon, this phenomenon may be a blow for the webmaster, webmasters may also see their website’s index of abnormal phenomenon that there will be some doubt, why their net index stood at 8.20 previous or normal in 22 days, and 21 days in the view index was < =10; of course, this part of the phenomenon of love may come from Shanghai Webmaster Platform.

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