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for now Shanghai Longfeng industry competition, I do not dare to boast of Haikou for 2 months 3 months on the Shanghai search engine optimization to love home. After the opponent is standing for several years, people will not stop. I can only say that the key is to use what skills, with a stick, every detail do fine, after a certain period, can still be beyond competitors. Then the start from where? I will give you the following optimization details to share intelligence Home Furnishing industry I just took over the new station.

analysis, keyword competition:

Shanghai dragon Keywords intelligent Home Furnishing industry by

is the core content of the website, a website content has much to prove this website strength how strong I according to the analysis of intelligent Home Furnishing industry website, most of the content of the web site are reproduced. From this it can be concluded that the original quality content can still be beyond competitors.

after analysis the selected keyword tool, following to key words one by one according to the layout, distribution index, keywords competition degree. Larger competition index higher we can use the home page to optimize keywords, general index of competition in more than 50 can be used to optimize the column page and the inside pages, a low degree of competition long tail keywords lower index can be used to optimize the inside pages.

two, the layout of the key words:

three, the content of Optimization:

anchor text is an important part of the internal optimization, the anchor text is a vote of confidence between the page and the page, a normal and in accordance with the Shanghai dragon website is the station link, the station link is the anchor text link pages and pages directly, most links page is of course home page, which is home the highest weight web page.

Note that each

analysis of keywords competition degree is the first step for the intelligent Home Furnishing industry keywords, one by one, and then the screening, screening out key words to optimize the degree of competition analysis. How to analyze this? I would like to recommend a keyword analysis tool, I also repeatedly through the use of this tool to verify, keyword analysis is very accurate, this tool is called "to check the network keyword analysis tool, see details below:

optimization? A

page to the relevant links, a keyword can only correspond to a URL, and a URL can correspond to multiple keywords. It is very important to avoid spider waste.

a number of anchor text is best not more than two, to have a certain weight can be.

development in China has been for several years, the domestic industry of Shanghai Longfeng personnel more and more. In all walks of life attention to the Internet companies in order to save the cost of promotion, have been eyeing Shanghai dragon industry. After I Home Furnishing intelligent industry Shanghai dragon competition analysis, competition is very fierce. Just took over the intelligent Home Furnishing industry new station, how to do

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