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day, I used to ask Zhu Min a question, do you love to see what books? He broke the results, false my occupation. "You, you always interview the so-called successful people are actually the top China in Pyramid," he said: "if you really want to know what I usually love to read the book, my answer is that the booth of" Novel Monthly ". What are they talking about? A bunch of poor people think about selling pirated discs every day. How can they change their ways to make money?. Well, why? Because this is the life of most people, this is the real china."

before writing this series, A5 had also published an article "to the monthly income of 10000 yuan do Wangzhuan the six points must have ability" has been recognized by many people, it is through this article a lot of friends came to know my official blog Wangzhuan network. Thank you A5 has such a good platform, can let tens of millions of webmaster mutual understanding. In my exchange group many friends, there is a lot of new friends, they have the passion like fire to earn his first pot of gold in Wangzhuan industry. But any industry has its own laws, there is no technical basis point, to make money in Wangzhuan industry is very rare. A lot of people in the communication group kept asking questions, so I felt the need to write such an article, can help them. I may not be right, but it must be my true feelings and experiences that I hope will be useful to all of you.

a person’s time is limited, we should be in a limited life, make the maximum score do? Answer: friends, why had success and failure to conclude a thing through his real events. That’s why many successful people sell their autobiography well, because people often want to conclude a practical success story through their case, and finally, success comes out. Similarly, if you want to make money in the Wangzhuan industry, reading countless people is to experience, not only to be able to send a friend through his website and give you a few words of explanation, can make the profit model and method to figure out "

years later, I realized, and I will start their own network for $3 billion 200 million sold to CISCO to become one of the most famous Chinese Silicon Valley Zhu Min private chat, I already described these stories after several years of foreshadowing.

as the saying goes, the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book. But to see more, not to practice. You’re a nerd. That is why many college students in China have very strong ability to study books, and when they arrive at scientific research, they become incompetent. Similarly, now you know with a new Wangzhuan exchange, they may also know knowledge than you a lot, with four "C" i.e. CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC explain how to cheat, to see what kind of profit model. But often do not make money is this part of the people. See tutorial because too much, let them become a "Wangzhuan professor" feel good always rumbling, but do not know where to start. It is good to see more of the nature of the tutorial, but blindly only to see and not to practice, then everything is empty talk theory.

to be honest, this answer is quite different from what I asked most entrepreneurs to answer. This of course and the legend of Zhu Min: the 10 year career of farmers in the fields planting manure; children years later was admitted to Kasetsart University in Zhejiang; 30 years old began to learn English at the age of 36; at first American Stanford University MBA entrance, the same year the first contact with the computer; the 41 year old founder of network 52 network; CISCO acquired rich harvest.

, this is Valentine’s day in 2011, and China is experiencing the most extensive technological start-ups in history. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and even more second tier cities, young people crowded around restaurants to talk about financing and projects in the early morning. Prior to this, Dangdang and Youku successful listing has set off a new wave of "demonstration effect", a number of sentimental stories also entered the public eye at the end of 2010:

1: reading thousands of books is better than walking miles.

Ma Yun said, "first-class creativity, plus three executive power, and three streams of creativity plus first-class execution, he would rather choose the latter."". So, when you see a tutorial or project, the first not to use personal experience to deny, but to try to see what operation, is it feasible to find out the reasons for the success, feasible, not feasible to find out the reasons for the failure. Only in constant practice summary can you improve your personal ability.

/ Yang Linhua,

two: reading thousands is better than walking through thousands of miles.

he always asked me to discuss business problems in his company with him, I don’t know what he called me stupid, I know he said I do not put forward their views." Wang Qing said she was going crazy: "what exactly does this man need?"

without the experience of his early years, Zhu Min might not be able to think about it from this angle. Similarly, the stories I followed in interviews may not be familiar to most of the high-end readers released by silicon, but these stories are real and even represent a group.

, an abstract and fashionable term for "technology entrepreneurs", is a three-dimensional, and their investment and financing model is the most futuristic of China’s entrepreneurship, and a group behind them emerges


When I write the idea for

listed on the eve of tudou encounter "interference"; his ex-wife founder Li Guoqing micro-blog said dangdang will invite the first girlfriend in listed bell Liu Qiangdong are feeling; if one day Jingdong mall listed, he invited the first girlfriend celebration, because the "Jingdong" two words from the original sum of his and her name.

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