How to train a qualified industry in Shanghai Longfeng editor

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colleagues were within 3 months so that she can become a qualified industry of Shanghai dragon editor, who knows a contact only to find her potential is very good, the method according to the author in the article "teach you play a truly original articles published in the Shanghai dragon", without a a week ago, she has been able to write 10 words of the original 300 Shanghai dragon article, less than a month later, we can write 20 articles of the original Shanghai Longfeng paper. Indeed, if she’s not creative talent, is in any case can not be reached so quickly by speed, you know, for inexperienced people, don’t say 300 words every 20 articles of the original article, even the daily 20 300 word false original article, also with difficulty. So for this new edition, the author of her potential is to use a variety of means forced to play out.

Reproduce the

saying that I was once in the A5 Adsense website recently published an article "teach you play a truly original Shanghai dragon" article, which mentioned a case, was hired a new colleague to do the promotion back, the original is to send the chain what, but the boss asked her to write every day. 5 300 words of the original, then I see the colleague’s writing, found a can be made of wood, then in the article wrote a sentence, if the appropriate training colleagues, so she can write to old in Shanghai Longfeng paper very satisfied fast……

caseThe author of the original

current, the author feel very helpless, also very sad, because when the colleague to send the chain in August, already can contribute in the "Hongxiutianxiang" such literary website! You know, to be published in the "red" this literary website article is not an easy thing, at least the editor had no points, some writing skills of words, perhaps even vote several times are not a success. That is to say.

but unfortunately, since July 7th the site is down right after, in August, appeared website update article was collected soon after deleting things, a move was based on the work of colleagues had to temporarily change, to every day outside the chain, although the author is very opposed under the circumstances, but also can accept such result, so the original writing colleague was interrupted for a month later, in September 9th, the site returned all of the article, the author thinks that this time the colleague should restore the original editorial work, strengthen the station update, but according to her statement is due to the interruption of a long time, she is very difficult to write so many original articles……

wanted to use 3 months to let her develop a good habit of editing, so that you can go to the appropriate Everfount creative industry from the soft, with the general readability at the beginning, and slowly developed into a very readable article, this is the need for a process, need is insist on.

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