Experienced rookie Shanghai Longfeng site three times is love Shanghai K station

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novice to the most common mistakes, you will feel that this is not necessary, because of too simple, I want to say is, I also feel very simple, but still make a mistake, be in love with the sea K station, because we find keyword density, using some long standing tools. And finally I found that these webmaster tools did not take place some keywords are included, such as the picture of the "ALT" tab in the keyword, it causes us to see through the webmaster tools of data and in fact there is a certain deviation, but also through the study of other successful website found that some keyword density only 1% the site is still love Shanghai top, visible keyword density for the influence of the ranking is almost negligible, so we do not need to set too high density.

will be treated as cheating by the search engine K off, here is my website three times by the sea love k out of experience, I hope the novice can learn a lesson, take some detours.

2: two, bitter experiences do not fully understand the problem of keyword stuffing

3, experienced three: for love of Shanghai "original content" of the erroneous understanding of

1, a painful experience: the use of

long before 2007, use the method that is quite effective, I was selling software in this area, with a small fortune, our products can put customer information to thousands of information platform, and can bring the URL, the success rate is about 80%, and there are some very high weight website, when the site without manual review, seemed unable to shield these software practices, the price of our products is not cheap thousands of pieces of a set, and some customers to buy a set, then we can buy a dozen, and even the price is not also, You’ll see. was just how effective, but after 2007, the product suddenly becomes not so good to sell, customers generally reflect the effect is not good, I was not in Shanghai Dragon Understand, later found some large information platform, set up artificial audit function, a lot of information in a direct will be deleted, there are a lot of sites do not allow content among the website address, so later can send out the basic information are not what the weight of the small website, and now love Shanghai on the algorithm for the adjustment, don’t put those little links included, you send more, also take them as spam links, direct K station, so we do Shanghai dragon, it is best not to touch the mass software, not what the effect is The loss outweighs the gain.

software group information This is the Shanghai dragon

I am beginner Shanghai dragon, just the same website to search some tutorials, began to practice up, want to say here is that the new study in Shanghai dragon, it is best to go to the new Shanghai dragon tutorial, because the love of Shanghai and Google each of the algorithm and the rules vary greatly, some effective the method, now and then

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