Cause analysis and solution on the 628 included love Shanghai sag

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is really in love with the sea K so many stations, Chinese grassroots the webmaster is certainly angry, but yesterday in line to see a someone else’s post, the content of the post is that Shanghai does not have the K station, also included, just time to install the query included love Shanghai statistics, so you can see the normal collection, it is said that this is the love of Shanghai in order to promote their products to do so.

This is my friend

2, all pages on the site installation love Shanghai statistical code, then generate traffic data, query data included the amount of love the sea, love Shanghai; 3 included the amount of data is updated weekly update date may be different in different sites;

after the 6.28 event, many owners have included plummeted, even leaving home, complaining and whether the webmaster is also considering the sag reasons, in line to see the discussion of the results summed up in three:


really did not test I don’t know, but my friends experiment, the first night to install love Shanghai statistics, the second day morning found the thought was K out of the data, the first screenshots to show you, maybe inspire the say to you. This is the love of Shanghai statistical background, we can see the common tools in a love Shanghai included in the query function. New features and love Shanghai to your site of the Shanghai dragon score, this need an invitation code. If you can more easily view your site in Shanghai Shanghai dragon qualified love eyes, which need to be modified, personally feel that the

; statistics

4, if the existing traffic data, but still can not find, please check the next day, the longest 1 weeks can query to

3, some people say site grammar problems, this persuasion is not too high, after all, have included the part of the site is normal, even promotion.

function is good! After the


here is love Shanghai official

5, if the amount included number >

1, the functions provided by the love of Shanghai included the amount of data, compared with the site syntax to query the data more accurately;

1, the contents of my site collection is excessive, repetitive and so on with new love when Shanghai abandoned the site was K. (warn the webmaster to have

included a site, you can query to very clear, each love Shanghai update, add the number included, is correct. To illustrate the overall love Shanghai is likely to abandon the SITE grammar.

2, love Shanghai database is a problem, then we all hope is the reason for data recovery will be after a few days, but now all the past few days, Shanghai included love has not changed, it seems not a simple database problem. (warn the webmaster to use stable space, remember to backup)

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