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2013 medical website chain, can be said to be dead soon, or drop right, either directly by the K station, the reason is very simple, pay attention to the website for updates and the release of the chain website only the majority of medical personnel, only the pursuit of quantity and ignore the matter, when the Internet information is not much. The amount is useful, but once saturated, you need to look at the matter. The author will from the three point to talk about the medical station in the end how to do the chain

this article many people might think it was a commonplace talk of an old scholar but you can, ask yourself whether you do? Some people say, I find the chain platform, I can’t find What should I do? Have so many sites to send, if issued, may not be included, in fact, like this.

second: the chain must have extensive.

the first point: to quality not quantity.

third: Links diversity.

throughout the medical station site, now many sites have shielded medical station outside of the chain, so most are in several sites often send outside the chain, the search engine obviously determines that so few sites and the hair of the chain, and many other medical station also sent a lot of links, then this on the formation of the common features, just to love Shanghai an opportunity, through a simple algorithm, you will be caught, so, recommend a website only to send a chain (included), you do one hundred or more, you can put your website ranking down the love of Shanghai the first two pages, the rest will depend on your own website content to solve your site better ranking.

in the hair of the chain and the time for friends of the chain, a lot of people put forward a correlation, is really correlation better? The correlation is not, too many friends of the chain, the love of Shanghai is likely to wonder whether you do human factors ranking factor is too much, for example, for example a plastic platform, you can add some plastic surgery hospital, orthopedic training, medical equipment website, more with their related fields, rather than the same industry peers, and you will not be willing to change.

from the word order of quality, we clearly see that there must be a matter, again, most people now is to do the amount, the upside down, how to do? So now that the pursuit of quality first, in the end what kind of chain is matter? So take a look at what Shanghai is to say love the judge: "love Shanghai only principle of a chain is a chain of questions: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations." This sentence looks very empty, very broad, like the same did not say the same, so let’s analysis, a point of this sentence is really recommend, what is really recommend? In the search engine in the judgment, whether it is really recommend very simple, see the chain whether someone clicks even if, click inside, the residence time? Whether the jump out rate is very high and so on, through a love of Shanghai’s score analyzer, given a score, you know how the chain of value.


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