Case analysis of whether the host change affect website ranking

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can be seen in the figure, the snapshot time home in 7.24, other pages are basically "???" Guan Jian word garbled included, ranking how? I specifically through the webmaster tools to search all the words to Guan Jian, "how to make money online at home", "make money online" Guan Jian word ranking did not change!


some owners think host resolution required to start 3-4 hours, if at this time the spider crawling to the website, that bad things will happen will drop right home page is missing, or K station. Some owners think that their ranking in the replacement host when there has been no change in

1. may your site belongs to new period — generally, the new period is 3 months, the weight is quite low, Shanghai is still in love during the study site, site title, structure, host change makes search engine review, so your website could not see the phenomenon of short home page time. But every day the update, I believe a few web page out.


Wangzhuan station as an example, the first replacement host, in the absence of experience under the condition of the site appeared garbled, it sustained for a period of 3 days, the love of spiders in Shanghai in these 3 days has come crawling, and a collection of nearly 10 pages, and are garbled pages, please see below:


, the pioneer who love Shanghai search this problem, then there are two different answers in different webmaster Forums: one is that some owners will replace the host right down the short-term phenomenon; two is that the website ranking does not affect the ranking; three are some owners said the main machine replacement after the site was K.

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so what the answer is right? Or to share their experience with you.

novice webmaster Wangzhuan site in the early, often because of the wrong price is not a particularly good host to host this has been replaced in the late, It is quite common for the. As for how to change the host, you can see this WordPress host replacement tutorial 贵族宝贝wangzhuan478贵族宝贝/1281.html. But today’s topic is the webmaster most likely puzzled question – whether the host change affect website ranking

thus, the host change does not mean that the 100% affect the site’s ranking, and did not appear drop right phenomenon, but why do some sites in the host after the replacement home page may not see even by the K? I think the following two points:

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2. may your site has not been very friendly – some sites because of a large collection of articles to enrich website, search engine of such sites is not very hard, so, in the replacement of host, the spider crawling to your site, already left.

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