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what is the business failure? Collapse failure; may become a great company is mired in mediocrity is a failure; expectations and reality is different, is a failure; to become bigger and stronger, but always minor, is a failure; a storm is a failure.

join SMS alliance has become one of the main means of personal website profit, recently, major websites have closed SMS union:

1 Sina SMS alliance sms2.sina.cn/smsally/

the site issued a notice, stop SMS cooperation and personal site, the site removed union code, and promised in July 15th before the account balance in the next month issued to join the site;

2 Sohu mysms.sohu.cn/ SMS Alliance

3 NetEase SMS alliance mysms.163/:8888/

the site can not find the server, without any link, notice, in the message at the primary site sms.163/ do not have any links and descriptions;

and the "NetEase love alliance" mylove.163, soundless and stirless disappearing;

to join site account balance, can only say "unknown".

4 TOM SMS alliance mysms.tom

the site is "to find the server, without any link, notice in the message at the primary site on the sms.tom/ without any explanation.

to join site account balance, can only say "unknown".

for money by SMS alliance website, for it is more representative of the site navigation, music website. I have the following ideas, I hope to be able to play bricks and tiles

some entrepreneurs are not solid, but opportunistic. For example, relying on Huyou, relying on Huyou can become a temporary, can not become a lifetime. Speak for Siemens, crash, one thing I want to succeed soon. Maybe in the sky, there will be no second times. The enterprise lacks the practical spirit, will not fail today, will also be defeated tomorrow.


products should be upgraded, the model should be innovative, management should also be innovative. Any one, if you rely on past experience, can lead to failure.

2. only to smooth, adhere to the lack of determination and perseverance

lack of practical spirit resourceful.

5. listed and listed both harmful and sinful

, chairman of Shenzhen innovation investment group Jin Haitao, lists thirty lessons that may lead to failure in Entrepreneurship from five levels.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan,

1. lacks ideal

we invested in a business as a new biological medicine. For the past ten years, it has not paid a cent. But it sticks to it. Similar drugs in the United States were sold last year for $7 billion 800 million, and the price of the medicine we made was half the price. This success is a big success, but if there is no fighting spirit, the company would not go dry.

3. is too dependent on past experience, to refuse to change

therefore, it is enough to be a diligent and diligent person. In doing business, we must strive for wisdom. If we want to make a big business, we must rely on Germany, that is to say, we must have ideals.


every successful entrepreneur, give me the first impression is that the ideal. On the contrary, the main reason for the failure of our investment failure enterprises is the lack of ideals and sentiments, and put money in the highest position.

enterprises listed, should be ripe course, not by pure packaging. For the listing of clever accounting, gross profit or net profit increase suddenly. For…

, entrepreneurship and moral aspects of entrepreneurship,


these are generalized failures, venture capitalists should study failure.

investment in start-up projects, may be two defeat eight; investment growth period of the project may be five into five; relatively mature investment in pre listed companies, may be seven, three. Entrepreneurs experience more failures, and entrepreneurs have a very high rate of failure, so research failures are important.

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