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Wan Ji Technology earnings forecast report shows that the last fiscal year, a significant increase in net profit year on year




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at the end of 2016, media circles joked that by the end of the year, the investment institutions were busy in addition to the awards themselves and their portfolios, adding another special item, the IPO number of solar portfolios. So, in such a good year, how long will it take for VC to go from investing in a project to IPO notice: not listed, not quit?

two, IPO regulatory philosophy evolution

won’t be able to land in half an hour:

at least 10 cases in 2016 that were never thought of before:

Jibit the jury will have no questions about these two questions



3, a single client and two games rely heavily on

2, net profit from tax benefits over 50%, accounting for the highest proportion of more than 100%



1, profits fell by more than 50% and above

, the number of listed companies and raise the amount of a record high behind, but more importantly, changes in the IPO regulatory philosophy, and faintly visible form of registration system.

, 2016, IPO,

two audit environment loose


there is no doubt that 2016 was the most prosperous year for IPO in the last five years. Whether the number of IPO prospectus, or IPO raise the amount, have hit a new high.


angry, in the background to open a curse message function

From the

1 release rate accelerated

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IPO trial will IPO to herself, and the history of the most long time interval to the horrors of the 3.5 years. 2015-2016 years, the time interval is gradually shortened to 1 years, 3 quarters and six months, since the fourth quarter of 2016 is shortened to about 2 months.

does not expose, inevitably more people suffer ///////////

Keda Technology the key is whether the tax benefits are sustainable

4, receivable is too large, even more than revenue

Technology in the financial report of the audit date deadline after the operation, the issuer disclosure expected net profit in 2016 than in 2015 will increase

case >

although the 2016 IPO will be the number of projects in 2015 with the basic equivalent, did not hit a new high, but these cases will reflect the audit of the project environment gradually relaxed, more worthy of attention.

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