O2O business accused of fever fire burning out the pseudo demand

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O2O, the Internet today is the most popular, not only Ali, Tencent, Baidu is also a hotly contested spot, every entrepreneur kaimennake devotion, investors, business, marketing specialist, master programmer…… All the people and all the money can be found here. But there is another voice: "these very popular words is bluffing, not what out of the ordinary place. Silicon Valley, the father of venture capital, Peter · Teal look at China’s O2O hot, if entrepreneurs put their companies posted on the hot words like O2O label, I will be cautious when investing".

status: monopoly, or monopoly

O2O, that is, Online To Offline, online to offline, pay attention to the integration of the real economy and the Internet, buy is the forerunner of this idea. In the wave of entrepreneurship, the more common classification is horizontal, such as food and beverage O2O, car O2O, the United States O2O…… It can be said that as long as practitioners do not get out of the O2O hat.

according to the Beijing Daily reporter to incomplete statistics, the most popular takeaway food, automobile enterprises for the entrepreneurs of the categories, including catering O2O approximately 140 enterprises, more than 130 car O2O. See the part also means fierce competition. According to the well-known third party Internet research firm Analysys International data show that China Internet takeaway food market year orders reached 376 million last year, alarming scale, but Baidu takeaway, U.S. and Amoy little by covering the city number scale advantage to become the absolute leader in the field. U.S. mission to provide data show that as of May 31st this year, the United States takeaway market share has reached 50%, the daily orders exceeded the order of 2 million 200 thousand.

in this context, the Beijing Daily reporter found that this year, the food class O2O rarely financing cases, takeaway class even more, the monopoly effect has now. In fact, from the dimension of the capital, the monopoly is also strengthening the trend, led by BAT giants have begun to build O2O centralized entrance. According to incomplete statistics, last year the Tencent in the field of O2O investment of more than $2 billion 500 million, the investment scope includes local life services, taxi applications, medical and other electricity providers; technology known Baidu put forward the general platform to do link the 3600 line in the near future, its vice president Li Mingyuan for the first time on the Baidu O2O strategy.

problem: fired pseudo demand

it is worth noting that, although the new O2O models have emerged, the new company fought, but these practitioners occupy the market play are surprisingly consistent: subsidies, subsidies, and subsidies.

Beijing Daily reporter learned that, at the end of May the beaver family ho throw 100 million yuan in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Guangzhou users. And give the user subsidies has become almost the norm a beaver. The same tactics have also occurred in other industries, such as in March this year, the family O2O and film O2O field.

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