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How to find the

why should I hire celebrity, play so many ads, because consumers are the first judge you, such a big star, advertising on TV is so expensive, so you must care more about the quality of. Priority options are critical in fmcg.

to investigate what you are doing can solve the mass problem, not just yourself and several neighbors. Even for the world from pay attention to important points.

when you’re planning to start a business, make sure you’ve solved the following seven issues, which will greatly increase your chances of success.

don’t develop a product that doesn’t appeal to the public. Of course, you can also start from the local start, after the expansion, but your product is only hundreds of people solve problems? You don’t mind if you are not, hundreds of thousands? In a project, rather than a business or start an industry.



Wang Guoan: South Korea this year estimated franchise store back 6-7 million, electricity supplier returns probably

Wang Guoan: Hello, I am Korean founder Wang Guoan, two cosmetic brands we have after South Korea and Sichuan, channels are mainly distributed in the two or three national cosmetics franchise stores, Watsons and electricity providers, there are more than 10 thousand shop nationwide, Watsons has more than 1700 shop.

began calculating revenue without users,

makes a product that fits the user’s needs. So, if you choose to start, you don’t need to bet on a profit model or a business plan, but it should be user centered. Your idea determines the performance of your product. Make sure that your product changes the user’s life, and if it doesn’t really make life better, then they need to give you what you want. Therefore, if users are willing to pay for your product, so that your business plan is nonsense, no value.

brand endorsement is a very important issue, others think you have money, you have money will become rich, others think you have no money, you have money will get no money, each brand needs to find a point to endorsement, so that consumers really think he buy the rest assured.

hired mediocre people,

that’s the biggest reason most startups fail. The founder of registration after the establishment of the company, and soon there will be a few customers early, but usually because the user lost good times don’t last long.

be careful every step you take. For example, do not damage the user experience of your product. Never let your website or application be filled with advertisements.

the quality of your products and services depends on the people you hire — developers, operators, sales people, etc.. If the core team of the company is mediocre, then the product and service are doomed to mediocrity.

don’t put your profit plan before you get user plans. I am not letting you not seize the opportunity of profit, but because there will be a lot of opportunities to make money later.

entrepreneurship is not easy. If you blindly go into the entrepreneurial army, you will fail most of the time. It’s not intimidating you, it’s just too many factors that affect your success in business. A dedicated Arkenea founder Rahul Varshneya business platform to help entrepreneurs to develop the market through the many startups fail the tragic situation, as we summed up the seven reasons for business failure, and the solutions.

on the road to entrepreneurship, you have a lot of things that you need to think carefully before you make a decision. Don’t be afraid of trouble and action

15 years ago, graduated from the University of Jiangxi Guoan youth "in this life to do a physics teacher", held 400 yuan south to the gold rush, the first job is the sales of cosmetics, one for more than 10 years, in 2005 third venture, founded after the Korean skincare brand, to catch up with the local cosmetics brand rise time.

how big is the heart? How big is the stage?. Based on your public orientation, your product will be bigger or the company has the potential to become a big business.

in August last year, the Southern Metropolis Daily on a "no three" and "extraordinary" advertisements exploded on the Internet, and so many people remember one night after the Han, behind this advertisement planning is Korea founder Wang guo. 11 years won the Jiangsu satellite TV standard, 12 years China’s first signing for Gianna Jun do endorsements, 13 years back up to 6 hundred million streaking, Wang Guoan bold special industry renowned arena called "King dare". Boldness is not recklessness. Wang Guoan said, "in fact, everyone is wrong, I am bold because I am timid, so I use the best resources to do things, to ensure that it will succeed, even if less money.".

eyes too small audience positioning error

interactive record sharing in 2014/5/22

what is the current annual revenue after Han,

today, what I want to share with you is that the essence of the Internet spirit is the spirit of hooliganism. People in the industry call me "Wang Gan, dare!"". In my opinion, hooliganism is consistent with certain points in Internet thinking. Consumers buy a product, and when he thinks your betrayal costs are high enough, he feels that it is safe to choose you. How to let consumers believe you, that is, let consumers feel that you pay the price is big enough, will not easily betray him, so you will choose.

lead: graduated from University 5 years ago, Jiangxi young Wang Guo "in this life to do a physics teacher", held 400 yuan south to the gold rush, the first job is the sales of cosmetics, one for more than 10 years, in 2005 third start

Han, founder of Wang Guoan

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