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A5 for the visitors, most of them are graduate students, is in need of more free advice and guidance, I is not a pure benefit based businessman, can be free to recommend some things to people in need, so here to release a series can be said to be training. It can be said to be an explanation, starting from some simple ways of thinking, basic elements, explain some Wangzhuan course, whole explanation will be a bit long, roughly divided into ten installments to explain all, want to give you some help.

first of all, you need to be a technical businessman. What is a technical businessman, that is, you must have some basic network knowledge, but at the same time more important to have the attributes of a businessman. Here I would like to say my personal view that technology can be learned and that businessmen depend on talent. In my career, my personal experience of the past few years, the key is that your business acumen and vision play a decisive role. If you say BILL GATES is a technical background, but he does not lack the merchant’s attributes, the more important is that he succeeded because he was born in America so that the intellectual property rights of the state, if he was born in Chinese, very successful, Chinese in technology, is the ability to replicate the first, if you rely on technological entrepreneurship is, maybe, but if you focus on business to do so, the way you walk much. I also ate a lot of technical losses, and then hidden information, as long as told people, so wait >

100 yuan here I explain, remove your computer, the Internet and the expenses, meals, accommodation and other daily expenses, you need 100 yuan as investment should start the entrepreneurial career, of course, here is the lowest standard, at the same time you have to meet some conditions, the minimum can be enough start-up capital to start a business. Here are some of the following:

sometimes, the master of the high, in fact, most of them are rich in network resources, it is easier to obtain new information. At the same time, A5 also told me about some hadronic things Wangzhuan training, I tell him directly to say, foreign and domestic is not the same, the threshold is required, not all people have the idea, can do, most of the time, English, foreign relations are a threshold, most of the time is insurmountable.

keyword, the higher the user viscosity, the lower the other. The higher the user viscosity, the greater the revenue.

today, when I was lecturing, I repeated the words above. Someone asked how to determine the impact of SEO traffic on SP’s revenue.


SPCHINA in SP as SEO traffic, such as the Zhao Hongguang team, I always don’t encourage people to pursue SEO traffic, use it to do SP to improve the income of SP, Zhao Hongguang in SEO traffic when the income of about 300 a day, I learn the other member of the team said SEO traffic is good, but is effective, so, after a period of time there will be no benefits before the good, because your ranking is not most fixed with erotic nature and without too much substance of the site will decline. Moreover, templates that are important to SP gains will drain through sh419, creating a competitive situation that is very bad for SP operators.

Some students

1 read the keywords first.

to determine the impact of SEO on SP earnings must be

I’m talking about what I’m talking about here.

The more detailed the

is an old photo site with a site of 3 years and a visit of around 2000. SEO longer than 50% of the site, only one point: the web has no future. User viscosity is low, the content is the website, is the idea that I have been coming all the time. If you are interested in buying a website, then your intention to make a big profit will be stranded. SEO traffic is used to develop new users of the way, a station for 3 years, if the viscosity is good enough, then the amount of access has long been more than 2W, so it will be maintained at around 2W for a long time,

the whole explanation is divided into theoretical and practical parts. Sometimes some chapters are theoretical and may be boring, but some practice courses are more difficult to estimate.

3 SEO traffic flows through the page, and the more content pages flow, the better.

traffic is the fundamental things for the operation of many people SP project, a lot of people think that as long as there is a good flow to do SP all don’t have to worry about, actually do so long SP back in summing up experience, think SP flow not so decided the key to success have properties by many people imagine in my opinion, the template design is in the first place. In the course of the SPCHINA training, I have been emphasizing and trying to convey this message to the trainees. But a lot of people but neglect the practice, a student in SPCHINA, first SP operation is not smooth, should be in the SP League this stage many of the skills he did not go to ponder what is essential, but later in the advertising operation stage performance is very prominent, his older than me, but also a work of big brother.

first of all, thank you for your continued support. King Wang is much older than me. Though I may do things differently with him, I can think of many ways to exchange ideas with each other. Most of the time, the domestic and foreign situation is completely different, of course, is also in line with the characteristics of China, do foreign Wangzhuan, you only need to do your own can be, but the country is with the traditional industries, need a personal pulse circle. Including links from the exchange, you have connections, with no connections, completely different.


SP to earn bigger and higher, not by expanding the flow, but how to stabilize traffic! These people in SPCHINA detailed template course should understand!

2 to see how much SEO traffic in the total flow, it must be maintained at around 50%.

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