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largest, most pure lithium battery concept stocks are not in the A shares, but in the new three board.

many friends have been asking a question when operating 58task money. I can operate a day, all the projects are operating again, why can only earn so little money? In addition to this issue reflects the above flighty and impetuous outside, also reflects a problem, so just do not know how to repeat the truth. A lot of webmaster why not insist on, because there are many reasons, in fact, most of the final analysis or bored, tired of, impetuous. They do not want to repeat every day to write original, post, write original post. They felt that such repetition was pointless, so they failed. Wangzhuan each over again, each time the boring, is his meaning, if even this boring, this suffering unbearable, and how to make money? Don’t worry, slowly, there is always a successful day, want to believe oneself do it really can make money, only in this way, it can really

in 2015, the production capacity of cathode material for lithium battery has reached 30 thousand tons, accounting for 30% of the national capacity, and the output exceeds 27 thousand tons, accounting for more than 37% of the total output of the country, far ahead of other enterprises. With the company’s new production line, Huizhou, Beit, and other new production line, the future negative pole production will continue to improve.


To know how to understand

is also likely to be the world’s largest producer of lithium battery materials because the cost of positive and negative materials accounts for more than 50% of the total cost of lithium batteries. Bety is also the world’s largest producer of lithium battery materials.

it’s 835185.OC. 241 shareholders, the market value of 7 billion 827 million yuan, 73423 investors attention, in the new three board, its attention is second only to the China Merchants Group and Jiuding group.

, do not know how to use the mouse and typing, do not know what is what is Microsoft, Taobao, what is the time of 58task, has been in the beginning to think that he is for the number of days to become Ma Huateng, Ma become, become the next miracle. In fact, many people think, Ma Yun’s success is very fast, just a few years, and even many people also consider how to start a business, how to make money when, Ma Yun, in your time to think of success. But you have not considered, such as his instant success behind the float upon the clouds, and accumulated much power? Spring is in the same strong pressure and strength, can play up! Anything anything, is to process, to strength, to gradually develop slowly, and not a moment you can make money.

In fact, shanshangufen compared with

, Ping An Securities Research InstituteThe


anode materials for domestic lithium battery production enterprises have more than 50, the industry pattern is this: Bety and Shanshan 600884 as the first echelon; Xingcheng graphite 831086.OC, zhengtuo energy 831980.OC, Morgan Hiron as the second tier, the gap between the little; another MITSUBISHI chemical giant in the domestic factories; the rest for the small scale and low level of technology enterprises.

Wangzhuan repeated practice

higher do have a certain attitude, if the wrong attitude will often take many detours, and even give up finally helpless. Sesame that not only do Wangzhuan, do anything to determine good attitude to continue, otherwise easy problems.

your mind should be calm and avoid impetuous

, beiterui is a more pure lithium stocks.

Wangzhuan single-minded, don’t fence, when

station on new energy vehicles explosion tuyere, 2016 net profit of 261 million, an increase of 47.12%

negative electrode material is one of the four major materials for producing lithium battery, and 835185.OC is a well deserved leader in the field of negative electrode materials.

make money!

I do the project in time, you will find a lot of friends have this problem, is held, with the wind. He who does what he says, does what he does, ends up doing nothing, and ends in failure. Now that you have chosen the project, you have to stick it out and at least make it one month before you think about it. Try not to try every day, but you end up failing. Many Wangzhuan friends will find themselves wandering for a week, and returned to the starting point, it is for this reason. 03 years ago, many people had the opportunity to choose SP to make money, but most of them chose to give up for a variety of reasons. And 08 years later, these people are full of faces back, and this time, SP has not earned

competition in the next few years is mainly reflected in the second echelon enterprises to catch up with the first gradient enterprises, as well as the competition among the first gradient enterprises, the industry concentration will be further improved. And has occupied the size of the advantages and first mover advantage of Rui Rui, continue to lead in the competition is a high probability event.

more than a month ago, Bety ready to leverage new three board financing 1 billion yuan, the establishment of 30 thousand tons / year of cathode material production projects. If the completion of the project, Bety positive material capacity there may be more than one stroke shanshangufen 600884.SH production capacity of 33 thousand tons, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of cathode materials.

Some friends do Wangzhuan in

Bety’s official website describes the company’s position in the industry since 2008, beiterui implementation of anode materials for the market share of the first, the world’s second; lithium iron phosphate cathode material market share of the first, the world’s top three; and the first to achieve the industrialization of layered lithium manganese oxide, fill the gaps at home and abroad."

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