The O2O venture avoid repeat please go the edge of the road industry

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in 2015 with the "Internet plus" people, so many entrepreneurs broke out "the first year" on the Internet, which is also the first year of O2O, where the hot Internet project, 2011 thousands of war experience, the results are basically shihengbianye, live is not a few, O2O business looks beautiful, but a real laugh last but not much



data show that mobile Internet users has more than 900 million people, this is a huge number, and traditional Internet site as the base camp, the use of search engines to SEO optimization promotion, some Internet users of mobile Internet users has become pure, they may WeChat play very hi, but they do not understand QQ. The answer will also need to search through the Internet, but the search engine is not the only option, they will carry out online shopping, but WeChat with the first use of many red envelopes marketing means of payment is not Alipay, but WeChat to pay…… So, to buy the site based on the development of the O2O venture, has become a variety, a variety of rivers and lakes or the rivers and lakes, but the gameplay has changed!


how the O2O model can be successful, in the moment, can not be denied, O2O has entered a strong homogenization of competition, we unified slogan, social word-of-mouth marketing, user experience as the center. "Li is the reason, but the real practice up to, like the myriads of changes!" a song, different people sing the taste is not the same, including sing and sing, the taste is different, like "my song." this program, people dare to sing sing attentively sing the same people moved. For the O2O model of the water to test the entrepreneurs, we appreciate those who do not sing the sound of music, because they have more room for development!

Some 020

business model, the seemingly wonderful, is actually "frogs"

with "fresh" as an example, the SF "Hey off" in fresh cold chain is an important business, but in the past year, far less than expected, and some similar O2O SF business entrepreneurs, also aimed at the public market basket, but few people succeed, this is for what? In the traditional fresh channels, has a fixed pattern, including some farmers markets, supermarkets and other fruits and vegetables, especially in some local markets, the innovation mode for the Internet is not the slightest touch, citing a fruit supermarket boss’s words: "Internet Co motionless on the 50 percent off discount, we here egg ten percent off aunt who are queuing up to buy!" indeed, as long as a new supermarket opened a preferential queuing phenomenon is not uncommon.

O2O business model, "lazy economy" has become the pursuit of entrepreneurs, such as "barber home", "home wash", "home Manicure"…… And so on the door service, for the door service seems

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