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1,  , the interests of the website owner

2 and the principal member of the website?

    in fact, I personally feel that the current direction of the development of Adsense network is correct! Because your target customers is the vast number of webmaster, for now, the king has done very successful. Well, in that case, I won’t go to techweb every day, DoNews, but I’ll come to Admin5 every day. It’s simple. The information here is what’s happening around me!         of course, as the saying goes, soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers! Admin5 only in the high-end market occupies a place, in the future can be healthy and long-term going. I don’t have much time to stand! Just say "~~~ ";       1; do not lose your essential thing.

      2; know how to make good use of target groups say this is really not good, take outdated speaking, do when standing, I do not know there is a station called laggards. But someone introduced, I know, and know that behind the times is not easy, but also know that there are some cattle. So I’ll tell it to the people around me, not even the people who do it. But also want to believe a word, as also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. Depends on how you go to grasp the degree.

      3; speculation, I guess you know a lot about the boss, though the method is a little older, but your idea must be new. Even if you let others know that you are fired, but you can not say anything?  :  ? How much money did you make, King Wang? Did you sponsor any children who were out of school? I sponsored two last year, and this year I have only one. They are all in our village. You know what?! The whole village knows about this little thing. As long as you do in place, naturally someone to help you to promote ~ ~ ~ figure boss why not engage in a webmaster learning network? By the way, use the media to help you fry. The money is not necessarily you pay me ah ~ ~ ~ ~ there are at least two or three webmaster want to help those who can’t afford to go to school!

      4; again, the high-end market! Now your product is not high-end products, so you can not enter the high-end market! Therefore, you have to develop, in some way, in a certain area, you must have a considerable position. For example, the domain name, people are shooting tens of thousands of meters! And your forum is holding 1 pieces of CN every day, where to engage in!

      5; find a writer! Don’t limit your essay to admin5. Don’t always come to copy from another station, copy! Admin5 seems to be a lot of writers. Have you put any newspapers and magazines on them? It’s something that complements each other. The hacker manual was released only 05 years ago, and his entire article is not written by an in-house writer. A few;

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