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third: soft text

number 1: search engine

mission in travel giant melee online hotel reservation market is occupied by catch up from behind, ignored local part of the housing market, and become the largest part of the housing reservation platform in 2015. But part of the housing can be incorporated into the night – whether there is a dispute, while the United States has commented on accommodation business is still concentrated in the low-end Hotel, according to Sohu technology report, last year eleven, the average customer price hotel beauty group comment published for 189 yuan, or 3 hour room provides 4 hours of service.


I do website is a whitening products website, in April when it is really on the line, from the first list in May to the current month to earn 3500 yuan, although the cost of a few months, although not a lot of money, but just for a guest to join Taobao new industry this success, enough to let me feel very proud, many people curious about me is what the promotion way, to share with you.

still talk about data

I send >

first say industry pattern,

in the process of looking for the forum, must choose the weights of the high site, and PR, the higher the better, the best way is to join the site in the post, after all the weights of the high site accumulated people very much, and we join the site in the high weight forum, can also increase the weight of our web site the last point is the quality of posts, it is very important for me, their requirement is that every post is my original post, this is very important, many people are posting direct copy, paste, I believe that we can’t produce waste for the Internet in general in three, only five – two original post Forum on it.

whether in China’s online travel market, or the Internet industry. Data is a topic that can not be wrapped around, because it confirms the market share, brand influence and governance capability.

second: high weight forum

we all know that the search engine mainly sh419, although our website is included in shlf1314 very much, but shlf1314 is not true to our website so much traffic, so if we want to get traffic through the search engine, the best way is through the sh419 search engine to bring traffic to our website to improve the method of sh419 ranking, there are many kinds of methods, but I improve sh419 ranking is to buy the chain, it is very significant for improving the sh419 ranking results, but we do it, to grasp a "degree", if the "degree". That is likely to make sh419 feel your site is cheating, if discovered, it The loss outweighs the gain..

China’s online travel market, online hotel reservations Oligarchy Competition has formed. Considering the dimension of OTA, Ctrip, eLong online hotel reservation market leader, market share was 38.8%, 16.2%, has occupied half of the country, especially the use of OTA channel and capital advantage further obviously, online hotel reservation of the passenger flow is king of the industry, the weak foundation of the U.S. group as there are hardly any.

Ctrip, eLong, where are the fierce competition of the giants, and newly established beauty group travel can be online travel market spoiler, but since its birth, the data from the industry criticized. We can look at a couple of sets of data. In April 2nd, the United States Group commented on accommodation business night more than 1 million 70 thousand; in April 20th, the United States Group reviews wine brigade business to "group tour" new image of high-profile appearance. In April 29th, the U.S. group travel data released, stay 1 million 200 thousand nights in the hotel day, booking business accounted for up to 98%, at the same time, staying the night in April exceeded 17 million, creating the highest record of domestic online hotel booking platform.

recently, the tourism business has been questioned by the United States group review, once again into the vortex of public opinion. The reason is that the media to the United States Mission hotel stay overnight data suspected of scalping, 1 million 200 thousand single night occupancy volume can not stand projections and investigation. And suspected U. S. mission trumpet out of the wash, openly transfer the topic, avoided the media for the United States brush brush Hotel queries.

‘s purpose of writing this article is not to show off, but not to try, for a master of it, earn 3500 yuan a month not what, maybe some master in one day can earn 3500 yuan, the main object so write this article not to those who do Wangzhuan master. Those who earn tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of master, is purely to share some experience and to help the novice, novice can in a very short period of time will be able to enter the formal Wangzhuan, so as to achieve the common money effect, unlike some of the so-called master, often in the network community to write articles will make Wangzhuan said very mysterious, the original is very the simple things are very complex, Wangzhuan is actually a layer of paper, in the back of the paper is very simple, as long as you can understand, you can really do Wangzhuan success The.

just look at this beautiful data, people may not help but think that the U. S. group tour may be the biggest dark horse in the future market. But let’s look at another set of data. China Hotel Association data show that the number of hotels in the country is more than 40, and according to the optimistic estimate of the hotel industry, currently China’s daily reservations hotel inventory in about 5 million. Night Ctrip announced this year 51 to 2 million 600 thousand, where the network of more than 1 million, the remaining 1 million 200 thousand elong, but also by the city, the way cattle and other hotel booking platform as divided, reservation based beauty group comment in the low-end Hotel, 120>

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