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take the subject himself scold the oneself a "shameless", but think to do three years net, said senior also do. In recent days saw a few how to say how to write soft article, benefit a lot. I also often need to write the soft, and say some of their usual method, and we exchange.

said his first instance, before I am responsible for the channel of Baidu source day is probably around 500, Google 300, I insist on two days a soft but only yourself no other station, 2 weeks after Baidu comes up to 1800, Google 1200, the effect is very obvious.

In fact, the

method is very simple, no matter what type are you what industry website, in the write text before Baidu and Google search keywords Search Ranking, look at the most recent fire, then choose one or two began to write. In general, this keyword appears in the first paragraph 1-2 times, the last paragraph appears on the line, the middle of your own written entirely, even if it does not matter completely with the keyword.

last week the hottest keywords "Xiao Shenyang night", said Xiao Shenyang is the debut performance in Ji’nan, only 30 minutes to do, in the afternoon 5 weeks when I do with this keyword wrote a soft Wen, the first section tells about his daily news events, tickets, to more than 1000, about 200 words about. In the middle to write their own web content, because it is a game station, so recommend a few easy games, these games are completely unrelated to Xiao Shenyang. The end point of Xiao Shenyang is to say happy smile, do not take the 1000 pieces of this play several games can be fun, relax.

written on the front page of his website recommended, 2 hours of Baidu included, "Xiao Shenyang’s night" keyword row second page fifth, to 5, at 10 in the evening on the first page, the third, after Saturday and down.

wrote it on the front page of his website, and the number of IP on the two day of the week was 2 times that of last weekend.

this is something in my work, because the website editor is to check the channel responsible for the IP, so writing soft text has become a must do thing.

personal station is entirely their own personal interests, but now what do stand almost no threshold, the background program is everywhere, rent a space who can do, and my NetEase is just beginning, how do you do this I consider talent shows itself, for a long time, finally decided to do the keywords. You can see my site title is NetEase, NetEase is the keyword encyclopedia, because the real NetEase didn’t do it in this encyclopedia products, Sina and Baidu encyclopedia and other products because we are very familiar with, as long as the keyword NetEase encyclopedia to do it, is a sign that the keywords have competition, just as it just started.

soft writing, there are many ways, a lot of people

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