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      in A5 yesterday I wrote an article "a stick to a smile across the cold winter", many webmaster friends add my QQ and I exchange website operation experience of success and failure, suddenly found a lot of people tell me about a problem: in technology and capital are security situation, why before most people are optimistic about the project site will eventually lead to failure? Why even the decision-makers do not have the ability to turn the tide? When I got home from work yesterday, I spent more than 3 hours online and these webmaster friends told me about the root cause of the failure of the website project, and it was also one of the most important reasons — executive power.

      what exactly is the word "execution" that we are talking about every day? The so-called executive power refers to the implementation of strategic intent, the completion of the intended goal of operating capacity. It is the key to turn enterprise strategy and plan into benefit and result. Executive ability includes the willingness to perform tasks, the ability to accomplish tasks (which I believe is critical), and the degree to which tasks are accomplished.

      I mentioned in this article A5 issued yesterday, the first Internet company, I engaged in the Internet industry project funds are not good, is not strong, is certainly not the reason unilaterally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, and not only one reason. I carefully analyzed, but also with the Wuxi Internet circle of friends discussed, and found that the most "terrible" or the implementation of staff problems. Below I focus on the execution of this reason, detailed analysis.

      the company’s main project is the residential area network, in 07 years to do this while not very early, but to have the concept of the city in Chinese is still relatively small, I believe we can not say which website is the very famous community website. While I was doing is the residential site of this project, we take the target from the country to Jiangsu, from Jiangsu to Wuxi the second city, steady. Half a year later, the project has received strong support from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and Wuxi city more than 600 district (excluding Jiangyin and Yixing) we scored more than 400, each cell in our free their own cell site (two domain name). OK, here we are, we must think we are a strong foundation of the team, but in fact it is not. There are more than 40 people up and down in the company, and there are very few people who can complete my work schedule. By all means, employees have been through the Internet, why can not complete the daily, weekly, monthly task plan?. I found the problem here: 1.. Get on with it. For example, every day looking for high quality Links 5, or is unable to find high quality, not to check every day after or is found, leading to the other removed links you you do not know; be able to fool the past 2. smatter, they deceive the past. Some of the employees are fresh graduates, and they are short of social contacts

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