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has an article "the annexation of Suning red children small vertical electric solution sample" is today just to see, remember had also concerned about Haier vertical electric business website, always think vertical type website will be always prospect, but when Haier is large enterprise acquisitions, or wonder, vertical electric is not easy. Every step to do in the face of market competition, this article, to stand in the angle of the electricity supplier website about those electricity supplier website salvation.

: one of the road to be acquired, such as Haier

can we like Haier sites, by some large giant acquisitions, in here, we start by looking for information to find the website Haier some information, such as the "2012 red child expects sales of about 10 to 1 billion 50 million yuan, the acquisition by P/S (city sales rate) is about 0.40~0.42 times. Red child currently has 7 million 500 thousand registered members, repeat purchase rate reached 50%, with more than 80 thousand SKU (category), there is a point such as "the first half of 2012, Tmall maternal market share of nearly half, accounted for 47%; the Jingdong mall maternal market share accounted for 11.4%, ranking second. Red child market share of 6%; "red boy was out of the maternal and child market of the top three, the current market share of 6%, an electricity supplier website from the original vertical market leader, fell slowly under the constant pressure of competition, can not escape the fate of the acquisition.

in fact, in my opinion, Haier in maternal and child market to sell it, but far from abundant judgment on the market, after all, maternal and child market consists of three interval, the first interval is 0 years old, the period before the child is born, the mother pregnant supplies, a relatively small amount; second is the interval 0 to 1 years old, the main consumer is diapers and milk, but a large amount of gross profit is very low (even as books), count the logistics warehousing costs money; third range is 1 to 2 years old, mainly children’s clothing, educational products, competition is fierce; which leads to the ability to deal with Haier the market can not face, eventually escape the fate of being acquired; and we look at Tmall or Jingdong, either of which is flow properties by using integrated market itself, allowing more people to meet, these large The electricity supplier both economically, or strength, are vertical incomparable, so, if the electricity supplier site was acquired, in some competition is a good thing, to be acquired, can meet the market demand for more and more, can have on the market as well as to control the operation, play space some will be more broad.

journey two: segmentation unique market, globalization,


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