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in search engine optimization, because search engine rules of all kinds, soft text promotion has become one of the most effective means of promotion. How to raise the website in a short time outside the chain? The answer is soft Wen promotion. How to get the chain continued once and for all? The answer is the promotion of soft paper, why? A high quality of soft Wen will be repeated use, so the soft chain made the supreme value for the chain’s website optimization.

the second point, marketing is the ideal means of fame and fortune, such as ( is to build such a webmaster marketing platform. Recommend here, interested in the need to participate in the promotion of the chain can participate in the cooperation of the webmaster. Because of all the high quality links, all participate in the mission website included Baidu snapshot must be within 3 days, and included more than 100 pages, the site within a week Baidu has included; soft outside the chain can not be deleted permanently and other requirements, so more suitable site in the fierce competition in the environment outside the chain of winning this condition. Not other optimization is not important, but the chain in the optimization of the site, indeed occupy part of the decisive factor, for this point has already been understandable. Well, here we return to the subject, why can marketing and high weight of soft Wen chain and can create the highest value? The following contents, if the website chain itself is not a good webmaster, might read:

1: soft text promotion is more acceptable,

speaking of link promotion, will be reminiscent of the overwhelming link release, there are tools of mass, mail release, a promotional advertising posts, and through the QQ message fraud, really want people to do. Out of caution, few people are happy to open it and open some links at will. Conversely, any more or Voices of discontent. The reason is the chain, the flood destroyed the normal environment of Internet promotion. This is the promotion of soft paper, compared with the traditional mode of promotion, soft Wen promotion tends to be passive, not mandatory user acceptance of the information, the user is often or through the soft transfer value, open the link with the initiative. Some enterprises or brands, but also in this way to get a lot of soft Wen marketing value.

two: soft text promotion transfer efficiency is higher,

general promotion of the chain, the webmaster want to do out, often need a lot of energy and events, stroll around the Internet for a release of information, and at the same time is worried about whether the chain was deleted at any time. And view its soft text promotion, but also make up for the deficiency. First of all, soft Wen promotion is often in one or several platforms for content release, and then he was transferred to a model. Users take the initiative to accept your information, which is somewhat famous brand website will accept you outside the chain, so that better than your own hard link to the easier? And the higher the visibility of the site, with links to the content requirements of the higher degree of challenge. The comparison of the two, soft Wen promotion >

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