From grassroots to sales of 3 billion the Taobao’s largest mobile phone channels so that Lei also

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The growth of

from a mobile phone salesman for Taobao’s largest mobile phone channels, Gu Jianwei not only rely on luck, more is the flow of work.

text / world network reporter Zhou Lin

Gu Jianwei still remember two years ago, Lei Jun millet 3 new release stressed the point of view of the weakening channel, as a mobile phone channel, he does not agree.

in a later millet order, Gu Jianwei met Lei, rebut this point of view, gave him "a lesson", the channel is essential, especially in the gradually peatlands, the pure Internet approach is not enough to support.

Two years after the

, millet still adhere to their straight channels as the core, but also did not completely exclude other channels. Gu Jianwei can also with the rapid development of the digital and digital mobile phone brands continue to grow in this year, Tmall 6 – 18 big promotion, it followed HUAWEI, millet, cool official flagship store, become the largest sales channel brand.

Gu Jianwei revealed that in 2014, a good sales reached more than 1 billion 800 million, and this year the figure has gone up again, as of press time, sales have reached 3 billion.

channel sales capability has been verified, but Gu Jianwei’s layout is more than this, he hopes to create a good intelligent terminal operators, consumers can not only buy mobile phone digital products here, but also enjoy more convenient services imagination.

grassroots starts,

is now the best mobile channel provider on Taobao, but looking back, Gu Jianwei is really a grassroots start, and there is no lofty strategy at all.

Gu Jianwei and mobile phone origin since the age of 18 began, for the sake of livelihood, he went to Ji’nan apprentice, selling mobile phones. Soon after, he returned to Shanghai to live in the city of night, selling mobile phones and cell phone cards. Until 2004, he leaned around the house borrowed 20 thousand yuan in Qiujiang Lu opened a store selling mobile phone, Taobao also do part-time, the official entry.

but before 2007, Gu Jianwei didn’t pay special attention to the online channels. At the time of the psychological barriers of consumer online purchase valuables and network payment still has a very deep, the consumption path is typical to understand online merchandise and prices, then went to the store to see the goods, and then pay to complete the purchase of the scene.

consumers are willing to do this, rather than go directly to the downtown mobile mall, the most direct reason is the price. This apparent demand under the guidance of Gu Jianwei began to find a breakthrough in the supply chain, and then Shanghai several large mobile phone suppliers, such as Eagle, Aishide etc. reached a cooperation, can be good from the hands of suppliers to lower the price of the goods, at the same time, how to sell mobile phone, you can get the corresponding rebate.


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