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in our actual product use or design process, there will always be 2-3 seconds left for our product launch page. So why all the products have this a few seconds to start page? The goal is for what? Why do some of the products for the startup page is always in absorbing change? Here I will start the pages of some analysis written, for your reference.

1. What is the product launch page


when the application is opened by the user, the transition page (or animation) that is seen by the user during the start of the program is collectively referred to as the start page.

two, why does the startup page

?In accordance with the

design method is normal, is the primary guarantee for the user to use the product with the fastest speed, and this is not the start page and violates the purpose of? Why do we worry about the design of start page even starting page? Not so, at the start of the actual product process in a certain period of time is needed, especially the operating system, large drawing software or game start time is relatively long, if you do not give users a positive feedback will be a problem:

users simply don’t know you’re running, thinking the application is inefficient or stuck with

unfriendly interface, users have resentment, as shown in the following picture DOS system boot screen


three, the role and purpose of the startup page

first, let’s look at the apple official’s design specification for the IOS startup page:

in order to enhance the user experience of application startup, you should provide a startup image. The startup image looks very similar to the first screen of the application. When the user clicks on your application icon on the home screen, the iPhone OS immediately displays the boot image. Once you’re ready, your application displays its first screen to replace this boot placeholder image. It must be emphasized that the reason for providing the startup image is to improve the user experience, not to provide:

"application access experience", such as starting animation

"about" window

branding elements, unless they are a static component of your application’s first screen

you might think that following these guidelines can lead to an image that is dull and boring, but that’s exactly what it is. Remember, starting an image does not provide you with the opportunity to exhibit art; it is solely intended to enhance the user’s perception of the application being able to launch quickly and immediately put into use.

clearly shows that in Apple’s knowledge, the emphasis on the launch page must be to resolve user wait times and ensure user >

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