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now, I have been doing the Kunshan classified information website for two years. In fact, the development of local classification information is particularly slow, and this is a long process.

when we can imagine that the recruitment of a CCTV advertising, so the effect is absolutely good, but we have no money, even if it is on the KSTV (Kunshan TV) ads are too expensive, well, think of other methods. So we think of cheaper delivery of leaflets, such a way, we went to investigate the effect of leaflets issued, and found that leaflets propaganda effect is too bad. When I think of working with other media, such as local newspapers and local radio stations, I contact them, but they don’t seem interested in it. Think of the city center tree a big billboard, as a result, we can not afford advertising costs, let alone the high monthly advertising costs. Want to do t-shirts for publicity, want to do the mouse pad, do the teacup, do a small fan, as a result, do this aspect of manufacturers, at least 5000 also do.

has too many ideas, and the result is not feasible.

so I don’t do anything else. I only concentrate on classifying information websites. Even if I start with only ten messages a day, I will review the information and examine the members. I don’t do SEO, but I’ll do every page on the W3C standard.

I asked my friends and colleagues for advice about the site and then changed it appropriately.

Traffic on the

website began to rise slowly, but later spam and illegal information was found on it. Information filtering function can not filter out some abnormal illegal information (such as: 54 hand grab), and then use the whole manual audit method, every day I have to review the information.

in order to reduce their workload, I opened a registered member, member registration and after our audit, the release of information does not need to direct our audit released, but if a member has released too much spam or release illegal information, then I will disable this membership account, and the information included in the blacklist, blacklist of people unable to release any information and cannot be registered members (because it is manual review, so we will be very intelligent, ha ha).

the website has about three hundred messages per day, but about half of the information is not audited because there is too much duplication of information and bad information.

now often see some development on the local website article, but most of them are old, for each one of our local website owners are applicable to each station, each city by appropriate methods.

Kunshan classified information network development is relying on, without any promotion, and now the day IP can also go up 3000, but we did not stop improving the site. We have recently added some practical convenience services, though these functions are not

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