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in the network also has a lot of years, very dedicated, very stick, but has been limited in a very narrow field, a lot of the path to the head, and that does not meet their expectations for the cause I think, must be new to try to find new opportunities.

has been named "XXXXXX" to Chinese website, but to see a lot of individual stationmaster a person dare Chinese Moumou network, but also to do like a decent model, and a good income, can not help some heart itch, we say, is also a senior Internet team, at least in this respect, it should make some attempt to accumulate some experience. Thus, the Chinese management information network was born. I intend to use this station to complete the following test:

How do

1 and garbage dump make money? What is the input-output ratio of garbage stations? Benefit analysis of garbage station?

2 and experience in SEO optimization. After trying to do this station must flow, and can be used as a platform for the promotion of our music network

3, how to make content at a low cost. Do high-quality content, do meaningful, valuable content, content, personnel how to organize, how to assess?

4, garbage station rapid development and release, rapid implementation requirements, we have the ability to achieve the garbage collection?

5, the use of this station to train new members of the team’s ability to operate on the site. How to plan and how to promote? How to optimize ad settings? How to analyze traffic? How to set keywords and so on.


based on these considerations, we find online resources, see the 30G resource sold in behind, and contact the webmaster about the price of 800 yuan, 30G data, nearly 100 thousand records, the domain name is also good, easy to remember, especially the original webmaster chat QQ, also feel good, the overall value. I bought it.

do a preliminary work personally, arrange, task allocation, using dedecms to do the station, spent nearly 1 months, and then Chinese management information network version has been launched, mixed has done a lot of things, to spend manpower and financial resources but also a lot of energy!

old station data, abandoned guide data, since it is decided to do the test, or simply some, all with artificial re processing, developed a content assessment requirements, company content, complete the task index per person per day. It took about two weeks, and the data reached 20 thousand. Search engine included normal, traffic rising day by day, on-line 1 months later, the site’s Baidu has been included in 8000+, Google included 4500+, every day independent IP close to 2000, 70% of the flow from baid>

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