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in Admin5 read a lot of webmaster said, "webmaster in your persistence" and so on, encourage individual Adsense must insist, can do better. Today’s free time, also talk about personal views.

see a lot of the webmaster should adhere to the "that I always adhere to the present, I am not what SEO did not know what is SEO in Admin5, just read a lot of articles like, in the first half of their head to do a small QQ station did not know what to do when, even the program is taking me to pass up, O (a _ U) O. So far, I don’t know how to upload programs. Don’t laugh. I’m stupid. When) just do not have a bit of confidence, just know this tool in the Baidu index, Baidu through class QQ under the Baidu index, was selected for a very long time to choose a keyword flow not how big the non mainstream message code ", the flow of small little what keywords competition ha ha.

then is the updated content every day, looking for QQ class website link, during this period, every day on the 51yes look at the flow changes. In this way, non mainstream message code, this keyword in Baidu and ranking, but also achieved the first. There are little twists and turns, key words did non mainstream message code, but non mainstream message code keywords ranking has been bad, but non mainstream message ranking is very good, many webmaster to ask, just know the long tail keywords can drive short keywords.

say "webmaster should adhere to the" influence on me, in my non mainstream message code to do the first after day more than 1000 will flow over a period of time will not meet, and then began to think of new words, the final selection of the QQ message code". Then it’s updated every day, looking for links. But a station connection is limited after all, Baidu has been ranked in the third page maintained for three or four months, during this period, but to my great test, no matter how much content, ranking has not any change, once thought of giving up, but consider the Admin5 webmaster friends said to I have been on this in insist, if not the webmaster articles, a platform to provide no Admin5 webmaster, I think I would have to give up. So, webmaster friends, when you want to give up, your struggle has just begun, persist in today, victory will eventually belong to us.

now finally in Baidu and ranking, QQ message code is also arranged to the home page, which is a great contribution to the Admin5 webmaster friends through the article encouraged. In this, I wish Admin5 better and better, I wish webmaster friends make a lot of money.

have another question to ask you about, since I put GG ad, my site in GG rankings and search records has been on the decline, now calculate also for 4 months, from the flow of GG to have no more than 10, did not know that this is the sandbox effect GG.

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