SOSO’s death not for ever only for ever

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there is a view of love: "not for ever, only for ever.". It’s somewhat self comforting. SOSO has retired from the arena, we will use this sentence to comfort it once! We say SOSO’s death has two meanings: one, the brand did not work, and in September 16, 2013 two, Tencent shares Sogou and its Tencent SOSO business and other related assets into the search dog. We mainly discuss the first meaning of SOSO’s death, and maybe be able to search the company, Tencent users and so on.

, the military will talk about, KMT government (internal cause):

gene says (personnel, Tencent internal architecture):

Wu Jun said earlier that SOSO’s defeat was a lack of search genes for the Tencent. In the end what is called the lack of search genes, we will interpret the cause of death from two aspects of SOSO gene said.

SOSO management is very complex, there are Google, search, Sogou, Baidu and so on, each change will bring a new wave of managers, and managers between itself there are different views on the future direction of each other, resulting in the battle of wits, is not how to do the internal product, power but the battle is very fierce, managers change very quickly, every change at the same time also accompanied by negative all the past, start a new things. If leaders and managers do not work, it is difficult for the grass-roots staff to make any further achievements. After all, in such a big enterprise, it is necessary to exert the force from the top down. Of course, with the downturn and confusion of SOSO, the entry and exit mechanism of employees at the grass-roots level is becoming more and more relaxed. Compared with the Tencent within the WeChat Empire, from Google hired managers in the allocation of resources of power Tencent is weak, not a leader can be compared with WeChat’s Zhang Xiaolong to take on the SOSO, whether the allocation of powers or charisma. And competitor Baidu has Robin, 360 have Zhou Hongyi, Sogou has Wang Xiaochuan, and Wu Jun of SOSO thinks Tencent lacks search gene personally.

from the Tencent’s internal product line architecture, we can only say: not all copies can be successful. At least in the eyes of outsiders, the Tencent have been carrying out a concept: your success I can copy! Do it for Tencent to bring a strong product: Games, email, IM, but the Tencent strong products are not too often need to search and search function; need to rely on products such as electricity supplier (no advantage (map), forming later), the Tencent did not do it, so if alone started to search the web, is a dead end. Tencent and many other sources of income, not to search the market to encounter Geluyinghao, did not think of SOSO as a strategic product to do. Besides, you can’t spell Baidu, 360. With this mentality, the SOSO do so no sense of existence, the impact on the entire company Tencent will not have much impact. For >

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