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the ancients said, "no one asked in obscurity," fame, hard to read, if there is no high school, is still unknown to the public. Adsense do the same, the site to do, may no one know, and so do a certain scale, and gradually formed reputation and popularity, only to be known, and finally became a celebrity. How, not the silence to pay and hard work, would later not achieve success and win recognition? Do, be able to endure loneliness


I once heard a stationmaster, do a lot of articles and experience stand skills are similar, not too out, not too much change, how can those is after all is said and done, once and for all, all of a sudden do the strongest…… I listened and smiled. The method of doing a website is not same as Internet technology, change with each passing day, emerge one after another incessantly. Website must go through some steps, site construction, promotion, income, this is the website can not be reversed model, each stage has different work center of gravity. If your website construction is not perfect, it is difficult to promote natural, not pushed out, income is more energy-saving, not into effective income.

website is a long-term process, can not be careless and lax. If your site is ten and a half months not update, there will be included? Flow will remain unchanged? The answer is no! Do not too many skills, no shortcuts, overnight is each industry may not occur. Only do stand, conscientiously update, carefully promotion, be happy houston. Is loneliness, is every webmaster must first go through the test.


personal website, especially new sites by Baidu included, not a day, two days can be achieved, less than one week, more than half a month, or even longer, so the webmaster must relax, calm treatment. The site is Baidu included, and the ranking is every webmaster desire, but Baidu ranking is changeable, every update for the webmaster always a few happy tears. Therefore, the webmaster should pay attention to psychological adjustment, fluctuation is inevitable, included is slow, disappointment is common, lonely is inevitable. To loneliness, to stand the test.


website optimization and promotion skills, have been summed up an article and a fine copy, is nothing more than the way after all is said and done. Some webmaster steadfast, one after another to achieve, the site is also included a little bit increase, step by step. There are also some webmaster, three days fishing, two days drying nets, haven’t seen the effect of promotion, complain about the method is wrong, and come back from the new way. Day after day, after all, I haven’t seen the result yet. Instead, I have a tired and lost mood. Website promotion, do not think that the skill is not many, ignore its function. The method is not many, has the effect to be good.


stationmaster can not leave the website, face computer all day long, have 1> one day

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