Never abandon never give up fight with faith

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2008, the year of the Olympic Games is China, is China off the Internet development, Chinese users exceeded 200 million mark, the Internet application deeper into people’s social life, China Internet webmaster should consider what, based on what, what, what to do and do a good job in 2008? This is every webmaster should think about the problem.

in the past 2006, 2007 the first and second Chinese Internet webmaster forum, which is Comsenz and the laggards 5th anniversary, 6th anniversary party, we have been thinking, many industry hot topics were also done on a large number of specific business problems and also new opportunities for risk investment and grasp to do a lot of experience sharing.

2006, 2007, that two years, is indeed the year of passion burning years. Web2.0 is hot, financing is easy, IPO is a lot, and people are impetuous.

2008, like China’s stock market, the bull market turned to bear side. The Internet industry, like any industry, has the potential to face its peaks and lows. What websites and webmasters can finally win the future? What is the most important thing to win the future? Background, resources, capital, technology, or all kinds of attractive opportunities? None of them are.

comes out of all the complicated experiences and returns to the nature of all things, and our understanding of the most fundamental fundamental is faith, the fight of faith".

"soldier assault" is a good faith teaching materials, in our business Internet business people, it is not only a military theme inspirational drama, more like a spiritual practice is to guide the condensed version of the romance scene:

"do not abandon, do not give up."."

"do something meaningful every day."."

"good work" means doing something meaningful. To do something meaningful is to live well."

"there are two words between" think "and" get ". That’s what you can do. You can only get it."

"faith, this stuff is not made out, it’s worked out."."

"people don’t do it, they do it."

"people can’t live too comfortably, too much comfort will cause problems."."

"as long as today is better than yesterday, that’s not hope."."


adhere to the faith itself than about faith, belief understanding more difficult to survive, develop and grow the business, are often the first to have firm faith, as well as more specific beliefs to maintain a piece of meaningful things.

April 19, 2008, Comsenz company and laggards community cooperation launched the third Chinese Internet webmaster will be in the past, now, future oriented "challenge

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