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micro-blog has been open since the media for about half a year, and some people were invited and opened their privileges at the very beginning. So why do I now focus on this? The main reason is the Sina micro-blog since the media is a platform to make money, originally in the spread of the Internet with a screenshot of the income form, interested can go to a web search can be found.


secondly, I saw a hot topic discussion on Sina micro-blog today, which attracted much attention. That is, chairman of Sohu board of directors and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang in Sina micro-blog certified its own account, that is, plus V. So attracted a lot of related Internet users forwarding and comment. Micro-blog exactly how much role, in the end can be used to do what? To see the electricity supplier big [email protected] Gong Wenxiang teacher is how to say,



so, micro-blog is indeed a good brand PR platform, but also to make money. In particular, some famous people believe that more people will join us later.

I also tried to apply for the media today and found a condition that was not satisfactory. Then, Sina micro-blog applications from the media must be specific what conditions? Look at the following figure will know.


‘s only unhappy condition is that monthly readings are not enough, and the official requirement is greater than 3 million. I usually play less, not how to operate. Now slowly began to pay attention to, good management, precipitation personal brand, after all, is to do the Internet industry, personal reputation is very important. Then this number is not supposed to read? I believe that most people encounter problems, I also like. To do this requires a long time to insist, and need to continue to try new methods and improvements, and ultimately find their own is the most effective. In the sharing method before, we first clarify Sina micro-blog is how to calculate the amount of reading, reading is in accordance with the calculation number of page display is that, as long as the user to refresh a page, the page number to read all of micro-blog have increased, regardless of whether the user really looked at micro-blog. Now let me tell you how to improve my reading. Let me say something about my improved method.

1. works harder from its content and produces more valuable things.

2. interact with big V, forward or comment. (if the resources, knowledge is relatively easy, or make some good content or pictures, long-term concern V love forward or comment on what, to make the stuff out, try


3. maintain a certain frequency updates, such as updates every day 5 to 10, the specific number of hair, which can be adjusted according to data analysis.

4. push each other to find friends;

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