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has been in the local network for a long time and has invested a lot of effort, financial resources, and investment in website revision and server leasing. It has been revised 5 times. But until October this year, there has been no income. IP has been around 2000.

previously saw online information, and many webmasters communicate with the local website profit model. And there is data on the local port of information and local classification of profit points:

local information port


1, high flow.

2, a famous brand.

3, with team and brokerage advantage.

slightly potential:

1, too large, content and not specialized.

2, high advertising prices.

local classification information


1, classification fine.

2, professional.

3, rich in information.

slightly potential:

1, no brand.

2 does not charge for posting information.

3, early production is difficult to promote, relatively low flow.

in this situation, we used network in Tianjin worked out a scheme for advertising position, that is to refine the advertisement can be put to each category, such as: second-hand Network — the sale of second-hand housing, housing large-sized apartment (increase picture advertisement position, and the price is low), although the website has also props function. You can achieve this effect, but many advertisers will still be interested in advertising on the picture and the heart. We have increased advertising revenue under the implementation of this program.

we specifically calculate, for example, the site has 150 classification (in fact, far more than these), each category hung two pictures (for example, how much advertising is their control), even if the 10 yuan per month, that is 150*2*10, specific profit to calculate how many people. Although there will be some difficulties in the early stage, but you insist, as long as you have a persistent heart, you will certainly succeed.

portal to take the high-end line, we take the low-end line, there is always a road for us. These share to you, I do not know whether there is no use for everyone, no use, please do not shoot me, ha ha,

Tianjin second-hand network, we have time to support.

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