Shi Yuning five ways to share the stickiness of web users

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website user stickiness has long plagued you webmaster, webmaster all hope that their web site can retain customers, increase their resources. So what should we do to increase the stickiness of our web site and retain customers? First of all, what groups of people visit our website?. A group of people is temporarily in need of help, they search through Baidu or Google to our website, access to the site. For example, there are people who need to move to search for moving companies, looking for moving services.

, another group of people who visit our website regularly, go to the website to express their opinions and write their own feelings. For example: Australian students often go to Australia students forum to express their views and make more friends. As you can see, users of the first category have less stickiness, and what we need to do is to increase the stickiness of users of such groups. Here are five ways to share the user’s stickiness with Shi Yuning, and I hope you’ll give us some pointers.

1, from the server, the stability of the site to see the user stickiness

users must ensure that the site is successfully accessed while accessing the site, otherwise the loss will be one after another. To ensure that the site can be successfully opened, we buy the server, we must first try the server’s stability and speed of access, to meet the requirements after the purchase. In addition to do security work of the server, if the site is a virus or Trojan will also affect the site visit, so we have to increase the site’s user stickiness, first of all to ensure the stability of server and website.

2, from the station design to see the user stickiness

"From the upper left to the lower right"

users web browsing habits, part of the upper left corner of the content must be more classic website, to meet the needs of users, so as to attract more eyeballs, retain users the chance to relatively large. In addition there are many websites when opened, will automatically jump like welcome to consult the dialog, the dialog only out of a user can understand, if each click on a page will jump out of the dialog box, the user will feel tired, equal to get rid of the user. Therefore, we must put an end to such a situation.

3, from the web content to see the user stickiness

knows SEO like Baidu’s unique web content, and customers like new, unique, eye-catching content. So when we write the article must pay attention to the original, not to SEO and SEO, to the readability of the article, do not deliberately increase the number of keywords in the article, the number of keywords in the best 2% – 8% between the control.

4, from the website function to see the user stickiness

has some special features on its website to attract users.


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