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In fact, the

asked if he can say is not what creative, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but why come to say? Is very simple and there are a lot of people do not know, today I also like others say the situation, I hope you all have a in-depth analysis, understand.

At the beginning of the

will talk about submitting those major search engines such as Baidu, Google, inevitably, Bing, Sun Wukong, Sogou, YAHOO, this is the biggest source of traffic block, but if we are not included, or we are K in Never mind, there are a lot of ways, traffic will be very good.

now go into the details:

(1) to the Post Bar forum, publicity: This is effective, note a few points: propaganda don’t send a look that is advertising posts, so you end, diligent master 1 minutes to delete, serious still seal your IP, this propaganda do not worth mentioning! Hair to hair with the content of the post, according to the nature of the forum posts related to the hair, finally can write this post from " * * station (your website) " or any other way you see fit! A little more aware: to choose Post Bar forum flow, so you can also play the biggest advertising the effect of the specific choice! Want to see you standing content, the content of

is better!

(2): fanchon forum has a friend mentioned fanchon effect! Do not discuss the fanchon is new, but, you of the articles submitted to summaries of profiles, the effect is very good! Fanchon do a day you come to more than 10 thousand IP is entirely possible, I am now a fanchon one day up to 1700IP. Is an article! How to operate, we discuss together! You can go online to search network code, add your station, can not find can contact me with


(3) friendship connection: the connection with IP connection and can not be ignored! Do a good station, you can bring a lot of traffic! There is a connection station one day give me 200IP my station, not very cool! But do have the opportunity and the station connection, many stations cattle, if he does not vary greatly, and even you. Connection is skill, you can do it alone in a separate connection area prominently on the site, he told the special deal with large, I take you to the station: focus on the promotion! Perhaps can attract some big station cooperation


(4), URL station connection: I analyzed a few stations, especially the music station, they are in all sizes, site, station, home classification has connection, no wonder their PR is so high, traffic is so big,

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