The nternet is still spring

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is the world trend, long, long time. The Internet today has four league, each from a party. With the recent Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent frequent action of QQ and other industry giants, were relying on their own niche, e-commerce, search engine, IM development from the depth to the horizontal, in an attempt to do the whole Internet industry at present all products: search engine, e-commerce, IM, portal, blog, video, making the industry more and more intense competition. Vertical search hot 07 years until now No one shows any interest in station and SNS station video, be in full swing to the struggle by the new concept of WEB2.0 America came from the frenzy to now is endless doubt, the Internet now from time to time filled with inflection point theory.

recently we often heard some pessimistic: Internet winter, Internet business can only be appeased. Coupled with the recent uncertainty surrounding the macroeconomic environment, VC and PE are directly tilted from the weight of the TMT industry to traditional industries. Now, do you think winter is coming too, just as the big brothers have prepared the dry food for the winter to spend the long spring?

as an Internet person, we are strong and optimistic. In this change unpredictably in the environment, we should continue to adhere to our cause, at least now we still believe that we have the capital of spring is still, base of users continues to increase, the network behavior participation continues to heat up, the development speed of national economy is still robust and controllable enhancement. Now we are proud of the 250 million Internet users, 5 years, 10 years later, we can see 500 million, the huge base is foreshadowed the vast land market and diversity of products and services. The next five networking era must be China’s era, that is our era. In 60s, 70s, you created today’s brilliant achievements. Your criticism and disdain 80 90, 5 years or 10 years has become the backbone of society, their personalized, diversified products and services demand will bring up more brilliant next time.

local monk to know more about the domestic market, the localization strategy won a monk, 5 years or 10 years later it will be advantage. The dominant role of the future Internet technology will be dominated by the localization of international giants in China, the domestic industry will be divided from the new division, we are also facing more challenges. It also means that in the new age, we understand our personality and needs better than the previous generation, and use our huge base, and our future victory will be like ours. So their winter is the beginning of our spring. Existing network products are beginning to fail to meet our new needs, and wider markets need us to expand.

Internet industry has always been a hero of the industry, not only large enterprises forever. YAHOO, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE’s fate can be vivid proof, in the face of creativity is unfair. The ecosphere that moves in front of us will be destroyed by us sooner or later

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