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I is located in Hunan city of Yueyang, I think many Chinese should know, the beautiful and mysterious Dongting Lake here, population 500W, network is more developed, the economic strength after Changsha, the local forum rarely, but the user demand is relatively large. Perhaps because of this competition, so the user needs, I work Yueyang forum idea, has been in the domain name industry mix, find a good domain name, the forum was soon launched and comprehensive promotion, following some experience and share.

1: the forum just opened itself, change several vests, more post, try to think of the forum, there are few posts, people come to stay?

two: opened a Yueyang recruitment plate, from Baidu know and SOSO ask, ask love, knowledge, etc find relevant job post sent up. Of course, there are also local recruitment sites.

three: Yueyang scenic plate, a lot of local collection of beautiful pictures, it is best to upload their own, coupled with watermarks, I believe it will be very effective. (this section is just a plan, and then busy, and then add),

four: for information can not find the problem, you can try blog search, many bloggers are their own original article.

five: QQ group promotion, group mail, very effective, but must adhere to.

six: QQ chat room promotion, quite strong, recently closed.

seven: there is a link, and the local forum is best to find the local website connection, you can also go to other forums to request the connection post, no matter what people agree, is not propaganda for their own forum.

eight: search engine is also very important to local forums, appropriate SEO do not go too far, after all, to long-term development, and now the forum is the source of the most Baidu.

nine: organize some activities to get people together. (this method is a must for the local forum. You have to try it.)

ten: draw close friends, let them help advertise. Make a pass ten, ten pass 100. Hey, the relationship between the use of it, I hope you are not an otaku webmaster.

a little experience, writing is not good, do not please do not mind. My station, Yueyang forum, welcome the forum exchange link, although my forum just started, everything is not ideal, but I am full of confidence to my website!


according to expert observation, theory and the phenomenon is worth pondering the webmaster, so I hope you do a lot of research learning, summed up for more and better experience! A successful life, he needed to business, don’t say it, don’t wait, now for their own life plan for life light a light, win at the starting point of life.

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