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now Baidu, included the web page principle has been very different from previous, I did that for a while the station a few years ago, as long as it is ", Baidu will give you included, a forum program, not a few articles within a few days, Baidu will give you a collection of hundreds of pages, Baidu later changed. I become" picky ", the garbage station, largely because of the development of it, then the domain name used to be parked.

search engine is fair, it’s not for a website, a person, my that dumpster were later Baidu K, a very important reason is that the articles are down from the Internet, without any treatment is posted up. Baidu has recently been modifying its rules to allow users to have the best search experience from the user’s point of view. We do stand, but also around the Baidu included to start, which in another sense, is around the user to build web content.

I think

, a website, the most important content, if not, your station program, art is again good, also is specious, also cannot attract users back again, only castles in the air, admiring yourself.


how to build websites? We all know, the best original, Baidu search for the most advantageous, your article on the Internet, only you alone this one, Baidu is not included you? If not included, that Baidu is really stupid. But there is a problem, a station to all the original, this is not possible, a feature of the network is a large capacity of information, update speed, even if your inspiration to, the writing is again good, thinking again wide, one day is not possible to write a few articles, a large amount of information on the website. You have a day one or two articles posted up, do not know to have development to God knows how long.

all original impossible, "pseudo original" is indeed a good way. What is "pseudo originality"? My understanding is based on the existing information, through their own reprocessing, to form a complete, unique views of the article.

now Baidu included, as long as you have 2/3 of the content of the article and another article repeated, I think you are "plagiarism" content. We should remember that Baidu is a machine, not people, the characteristics of our machines for Baidu, according to the existing content, cleverly put the "processing", from the Baidu machine eyes, then can stately boarded Baidu engine hall.

my personal website is three months before the construction, because the blog, he has been keeping a diary as the site of the original content, in addition, according to classification of the website column, there are plans to download some related content on the Internet after a "pseudo original" article, Baidu included normal, now website article more than 200, Baidu search has nearly more than 400 pages, the website keyword "site" site to learn "and" learning "learning" has been ranked in the Baidu one or two.

such a result, I think apart from their own propaganda

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