The website wants to succeed the target should be definite

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before, when you started learning websites, you always wanted to do..

to do the download station. To do music station. To do web site Daquan. To do BBS. To do mall. Want to do talent. Want to do card. Want to do picture network.

later discovered..

has a good aim, but can’t be blind to..

below is my experience as a webmaster for two years,..

first, having ideals is good,..

but what you have to think about is what you’re going to do,..

how much money do you have? What can I do,.


how many capabilities do you have for..


how much energy do you have? How many stops can you make?.

from the above aspects, you can clear the target,..

first, start from what station you’re going to do,..

do stand, it is best to face their strengths,

give an example, if you can do website, do stationmaster station.

if PS, do design network.

… Wait,..

is money again. At the beginning, the station didn’t make any money, so you couldn’t do too many stations,.

so you have so many garbage stations, a little money, but also a blow to the confidence of the..

third.. how much energy do you have,..


webmaster is relatively tired, if you do not need to collect,.

update so much content every day, it must be very tired,..

so you have to think about how much energy you have,..

this is what I do webmaster these experiences, shortcomings, we complement..

my present station is Ningbo building material net

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