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08 years in May, my first stop in life was finally on the stage, and for the first time in my life. Now my station has 1WIP every day. ALEXA ranked in 853738, although not very good, but I’m very happy.

now I say I do stand after April 8th, wandering the Internet, came to the station network, see a sale of small game program posts at the top, just curious open look, the program is written in PHP+MYSQL, sold 800 yuan. Because a little bit of site experience, I know PHP+MYSQL this type of program is better, so contact the seller, looked at the program test, or very satisfied. There are more than 10 thousand games. Cut half the price, the boss refused to cheap, and later rogue, only the beauty of the plan. I told him not to bully women. Later, video must be cheaper 400 yuan. Then I showed him my picture. Just do not give him video, he was worried, and then the video will not give me money, but also with me free installation. Later, I told him to pack me first, and then video with him, so, 800 yuan program free of charge. (O (a _ U) O ~


, the next step is to register the domain name. This is my own money, I did not go wrong. Spent 1 yuan in digital Jinling registered. Hey ~ ~ looking thought thought of UC on behalf of the game, is still relatively easy to remember, right? Why not registered COM, this problem is very simple. Because it’s too expensive.

ok. I learned how people SEO began to optimize my 4399 little game. Domain name is (Advertising: recruit friendship link), every day run to the big BBS post, to promote my station. It’s been good for a month. Baidu also included. There are 100IP every day, too. But not enough to eat? (by the way, forgot to say, the server space is my mistake. No money) I met many good people when I was making a link. Tell me a lot of good skills, I don’t believe that GG display slight skill before an expert, GG JJ MM than I know. In this way, every day to send, to today, there are more than 10 thousand IP. PR is =2, too. Not bad, for the first time to write such a soft soft text, we forgive ~

QQ forgot to send it. 110870462 (note here oh ~)


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