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now many webmaster, talking about web site, open mouth closed on 2 words: the chain, original. Of course, from the perspective of the website construction of the two views is no ground for blame, especially outside the chain, a total of less than a good! But when it comes to the original text of this fast, so I have reservations about a little of his own, I am not saying that it is not good to the original article. If I have the ability, I also hope that my site is all original, but this is for the general web site, this is very unrealistic thing. Because, after all, our human resources are limited, and all the websites on the Internet, including what Sina, NetEase, his content, it certainly will not be original. The reason why search engines stress the importance of originality is nothing more than wanting to index something valuable, so it is ultimately meant to provide more valuable content.

here, I would like to give an example, such as "certain forums", a net friend just hit a few words, made a few questions. Do you think his post belongs to the original? No doubt it must be, but when it comes to its value, I think it’s almost 0, it doesn’t work. If the search engine search, and that most of it is to give you the amount of additional one plus 1. Well, what would you think of this forum if the whole forum was full of such bad quality? It must be a very rubbish forum. So you will find, now all the more and more emphasis on the quality of other people posting, many large forums almost all kinds of means to stimulate users for originality, such as essay activities. Nothing more than getting a more quality content.

, if you are a webmaster, just in order to search engine for the original, I can teach you a method, every day easily original dozens of articles, and no need to other people’s article operation. Here, you might want to know the way! I told you is very simple, and you take a website related to the title, and then at the keyboard knocking a pass, a few words about 3-500, is a network of no repeat of the article, you just insert a few in the article keywords OK. Because your original is not for people to see, does not matter. As long as the search engine says that mine is original. But I’d like to ask, do you have users like this,


we can’t create for original, your website must provide valuable content to the user, if the article is valuable, even reprint, it is also worth it. Of course, in this process, you have the energy to slowly modify other people’s articles, it would be better. Don’t be too superstitious about the views of many people, because when most people do that, the effect is often the worst. Of course, I’m not encouraging you not to make original. As a qualified webmaster, in about 1 weeks, at least can produce a quality of the original, it is very necessary. If you can do that, I am glad that you have successfully entered part of the content marketing process. Next, I’ll tell you about the original and how it performs in search engines

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