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to draw such a title, I do not know Li will not have any opinion, but this is my personal point of view, first yy. The Baidu has a strong China culture brand, from the Song Dynasty literature all Xin Qiji’s poem "Qing Yu An", after a few years, has become the world’s largest search engine Chinese. Listen to some old friends in the recent line of nagging, chasing them to do Baidu PPC, I had attended several Baidu business school network marketing conference, is nothing more than some publicity Baidu and PPC. Of course we, boss of the B2B Alibaba is doing the bidding, believe that PPC is still effective.

and PPC similar is GG Adsense, as the world’s biggest search engine, this kind of propaganda to participate in the form of advertising, we hope to have many webmaster, but is not to dollars, in fact this is GG to a strategic global promotion, some people say that I am a station you can earn thousands of dollars monthly by GG, I believe that… Now do the station is not easy, I do stand is the original intention of self-reliance because you are free to spend their time, you can not go to work, good luck can also have a lot of MONEY, I got into this network is to ring, work hard.

Li Kaifu once said that no matter how much time it takes to be confident of doing well in GG China, this kind of spirit is not to be abandoned and not given up, and deserves to be appreciated. We do not comment on the other, one thing is for sure, Chinese search engine market is really a piece of fat meat, can now be said to be all entrenched, and personally I still love GG, appreciate GG’s fair, but Baidu is due to localization and cultural advantages, prevailed in the new round of competition.

let’s assume that there will be such a situation, one day China search engine Baidu occupy 90% market share, ranking him, his artificial intervention, his business interests, so that when we do grassroots webmaster intends to do a little selfish, said I quite love Baidu and GG bucket, is the best split the world, there is competition, benefit is of course user.

of course, many websites are already ready for what’s going on. How can we survive without relying on search engines?.

, a doctor, like the development of network alliance, network alliance (QE), netsun.

two, integration advantages to form the core competitiveness, it is difficult to replace by others, such as red children, gkcity…

three, the development of resources under the line, the establishment of user viscosity, maintain the basis of the old users in the outward expansion, such as the school network…

whether we are willing to accept, the Internet is changing all the time on, objectively speaking, a number of GG services is stronger than Baidu, Baidu pays too much attention to commercial interests, can not be denied that he is a listed company, until GG localization. "

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