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in the middle of last year made a domain name, stand a local site, want to practice the local portal site operation. For this, I also personally went to the local super large portal sites play a week white, also finally understand some website profit idea. In addition, and local webmaster friend exchanges, through the site for half a year to run, today on the small talk about the local portal website operation view and feelings, also take this to manage their own ideas……

one, the location of the website:

this is the beginning I wonder, but also quite a few detours! I began to think of what to do, find a property system, personnel system, and CMS system, it is a station. Moreover, also naive to rely on artists to blaze a road, like QQ artists, each channel a layout. Spend a lot of time to design the layout, DIV output, you can do a lot of useless work, the time has been two months…… , Tandaqiuquan is the price is nothing! Later I changed my job, the marketing director, through the business, so I understand that some of the following:

What’s the purpose of

1. doing local portals? It doesn’t matter if you’re interested. If you want to make a profit, you have to prepare for future profits. First look at the competition site, see how many ads, each advertisement charges how much money, if you go to business, you can come back a few ads? How much is the pull advertising business cost? Profit not to say who want to make money to earn, this is a difficult process, only certain of my own purpose, will have direction and goals. There is a saying, "there is no ship sailing in the sea, and any wind is against the wind.". Only clear that they do stand, is not in order to profit, how much profit is planned, in order to plan out profitable points, profitable projects, so as soon as possible to profitability.

2. what industry of local station? Do it or do you travel information, or other? In my opinion to specific decisions according to their actual situation! Do local portal not necessarily have to do the "whole", what has it! Actually profitable portal, I met. Here, a portal is mainly yellow pages: each attract members will charge more than 1000, yellow pages, plus page advertisement income; and another portal main business alliance, in the online promotion, the retail link discount, and launched the website membership card.

these have found their own profits and positioning. The main focus of making yellow pages is: enterprise. The main focus of doing business contact is put in the shops here:! The successful case there are special delicacy, he would find the restaurant, cooperation Hotel, charge a promotion expenses; there are also special self-help tourism, the supermarket to do B2C. We can also do one or two relatively large industry, do their own industry in the local leading web site. The local industry has its own development highlights, as long as the local features and highlights, I believe that local sites you have been able to stop!

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