Earning 2 a day maybe should say goodbye to GG

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GG Wangzhuan for me is just by chance. Www.2photoshop.cn/ was built for fun. Later, with the flow gradually improved, in an old friend of the reminder, decentralized GG, began to be my webmaster’s way.

if I don’t say how much I earn, I just think I’m a webmaster when I see the US on the GG account growing slowly. But she’s growing too slow, not so slow, so I’m just a little webmaster. GG makes us want to make a difference, I think the key one, and real life investment, entrepreneurship is difficult to become a clear ratio.

a small station, a low-cost way to make money, carrying a lot of small Adsense dream. Think about it, just such a small station can actually earn U. S. dollars yo. No matter how much you make, it’s US dollars anyway. It is in this self satisfaction, in front of others vanity, that we want to put difficult to remove.

I’m calling now, online 15 hours a day, facing the computer. I know sometimes it’s not good, but is unable to open from the front of the computer.

used to be excited every day at 0.2US, and now 2US every day, no more excitement, more things, how can I get rid of this situation?. The interpersonal relationship in real life increasingly tense, we think, every day we are in to one machine, and had never met a friend standing door exchanges, often to a small Links can talk for a long time. If we put this patience in the real life of friends, I think, the reality of friends should have been able to bring themselves another way of making a living or hair of the road. At least guarantee and build the same website, struggle for three years, and not every day 2US it.

I’m tired, I earn 14 yuan a day, and I don’t want to make 2 dollars any more. Brothers, take your hand when you close your hand.

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