A5 grassroots walks a dream of hiking in the 12 season

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"walk the 12 season, hiking round a dream this is A5 Adsense nets admin5.com launched the" A5 grassroots campaign slogan, every month to choose a suitable place, some like-minded webmaster friends, fun hiking experience. The first phase of the grassroots tour was held in Taishan, and the "Taishan Tour" opened the first chapter of its activities.


November 7th, the webmaster about in Taishan, from the Red Gate, all the way up to the Yuhuang Ding, standing on the peak, finally realize the "list of small hills," the heroic mood. See the spectacular sunrise, is really a worthwhile trip, the whole people, the whole mountain bathed in the warmth of the sun, the mood is very good.

gained new ideas in communication

this time, Taishan activities, let some originally not together, may not know the webmaster together to exchange, discuss the experience of doing web site experience. As we boarded Taishan and watched the sunrise, we shared a common purpose, gathered together and shared stories. Although the exchange of the same level of grassroots webmaster, but there is communication is harvested, perhaps a point of view of the other party, you can trigger their inspiration. In case of a broad viewpoint and perspective, by analogy, to break the original ideas.

exercise while walking,

this time, climbing Taishan, tested the physical fitness of everyone, climb a mountain, it is done a strong outdoor sports. Face the computer every day, most of the webmaster lack of exercise, think about their physical strength is not much worse than before. Often do not exercise, bodily function drops, so stationmaster should walk more. Taishan trip, let me do a very pleasant movement, although hard, but feel good. There are a lot of stone steps in Taishan. Every step on the stairs is very hard, but there is no limit. Climbing down, the whole person is very tired, but both physically and mentally exercise, and feel good.


in the event

participants are from different places of the owners, owners to participate in activities to introduce themselves, and their website also introduced, know more friends and website, this is a good opportunity for promotion. For example, the Bank of Taishan, we know Tai’an webmaster, know the website of Tai’an network of their www.0538.com.cn/, thank them for their hospitality, and support for the activities, will in the future continue to focus on their website.

A5 is the head of the grassroots grassroots activities, is the exchange, is a sport, is constantly walking, is to meet some like-minded friends together to watch the sunrise, to enjoy together with well-known mountains and rivers, together with the products of exotic places of historic interest and scenic beauty, together……

the first phase of A5 grassroots activities, "Taishan line" successfully concluded, and share with you the feelings of this activity, I hope every month after the activities more and more exciting, but also welcome more and more webmaster friends

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