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] introduction with the continuous improvement of the search engine rules and ranking algorithm, single stand model is no longer suitable for most sites, operating in good condition of the individual station is less and less, this is the industry has been in the "personal webmaster is dead". Now a bit of the size of the regular site if you want to have a good rankings and flow, we must rely on the people team mode of operation, so the establishment of the SEO team is that many companies had to do in the present development situation of the work of SEO. Determine the need to establish a SEO team, first of all to determine the team model, determine the team model, you need to determine what kind of ability to recruit people, but also consider the cost of establishing the team.

team model

according to the site types and different management modes, can be simply the now common SEO team is divided into four modes: type, clear division of labor, fight the enemy separately and integrated mess.


fight the enemy separatelyThe

SEO team of this model is better suited to having multiple independent sites, or companies with a number of different sub stations with different types of development under the same top-level domain. The company’s SEO division is generally independent of technology, editing, and operations. The SEO staff’s job is to formulate strategies, and the specific implementation of the strategy will be carried out by a special department or staff. Each SEO team responsible for several independent sites or sub station (line) SEO traffic and conversion, only for his own personal site (product line) analysis and formulation of the SEO optimization scheme and detailed implementation strategies, and then by the individual or team leader and other departments communication scheme, strategy implementation and project scheduling problem etc..

model team fight the enemy separately is the biggest advantage of KPI is easy to set, easy assessment and management. Just look at the final SEO effect, the effective traffic or the amount of conversion. For personal assessment, do not go to tangle, how much the chain, soft Wen sent a number of articles, and so on, the SEO effect is not directly quantify the impact of indicators. Because of this mode of personal need of entire site (product line) is responsible for the SEO effect, who is responsible for the site (product line) significantly enhance the effect of SEO or lower, you can directly search traffic according to the changes to determine the reward and punishment. It is said that the team members of their respective objectives do not overlap place, their merit and fault, and their level of ability, directly responsible for the site according to the (product line) at the end of the SEO effect evaluation index can be seen, would not have occurred between team members, push the responsibility of taking credit.

if you have to give this model a fault, then the team members of the overall quality of the requirements are relatively high, can barely count one. Because it is so you need to have fight the enemy separately, personal comprehensive ability and quality SEO. Although the team members will have in-depth communication and communication, but after all, each person responsible for the site (product line) situation >

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